"Tenjune" by Mark Birnbaum was the first step towards excellence in NY's hospitality field

"The success of the Tenjune, the rocking nightclub by Mark Birnbaum, which was established in 2006, opened the doors of success for Mark and his partners."

Mr. Mark Birnbaum is an honorable personality from New York’s hospitality industry, and the proud owner of the Tenjune. He has received numerous applauds for his contribution in this arena. It is because of his hard work and dedication, and of people like him; that New York enjoys the status of the best place in world, when it comes to housing red-hot entertainment venues.

His lounges, restaurants, clubs, and bars; are the featured attractions of New York, especially in the Meatpacking District. The solid venue portfolio developed by his brainchild, the EMM Group has transformed the Meatpacking District in a hip and trendy destination for superior and enthralling nightlife.

His venues are the center of attraction that allures revelers not only from within the city, but from every part of the country and the world.

Mark founded the EMM Group back in 2006, and his first venture in the nightlife industry was, the Tenjune. The name of this trendy New York club is given after the fact that Mark and his partner Eugene’s birthday fall on the same day, which is 10 June (hence the name Tenjune).

Soon after the opening of this stylist nightclub, the Tenjune started to attract lots of celebrity clientele. Its popularity reached unprecedented levels within a year. This swanky club spreads over a land of, 5000 sq ft.

Within a year, Tenjune generated whopping 12 million dollar revenue, which got Mark and his partner’s stakes rolling in the millions. The club’s success motivated Mark and his group to expand their horizons.

Today, the successful nightlife empire, the EMM Group; handles operations of numerous lounges and restaurants, throughout the city.

Mark has a taste for achieving perfection, which is reflected through each of his lavish establishments, which boasts of finesse.

From event coordinator, to an established and thriving hospitality and lifestyle Empire; Mark is an inspiring success story.

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