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18-06-2014 - The Italian Federation of Sports for Intellectual and Relational Disabled was started in 2009. They are recognized by the Italian Paralympic Committee, a world wide organization that promotes summer and winter games for the mentally and physically handicapped. The FISDIR's main goal is to help people with learning disabilities, mainly those suffering from Down Syndrome and Autism, take part in the Paralympic Games. These amazing athletes compete in 19 various sports from swimming to basketball.

FISDIR's promotion of sport competitions among the mentally handicapped is not only to enrich the lives of these individuals. Most people with Autism and Down Syndrome who participate in sports and live an active lifestyle are far less likely to need other, more expensive, therapies. According to the FISDIR, spending money on athletic programs that let the mentally disabled compete will lower other medical expenses. These types of programs will also allow them to live a happier and healthier life.

This year the FISDIR is trying to raise money so that 16 of their athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the 2014 World Swimming Down Syndrome International Swimming Organization, or DSISO, Championships. The DSISO games will be held in Morelia, Mexico on November 7th through In order to accomplish this goal, the FISDIR has started their Make a Dream Come True campaign.

They will need to raise at least $57,000 in order to pay for the air fair, hotel rooms, meals, equipment and other various expenses. Their promoting this campaign through word of mouth and their slogan, "The word impossible doesn't exist, we only know the meaning of the word possible!". This journey started just days ago and they still need quite a bit of support.

They are raising money by asking for donations and selling merchandise. A donation could get you an Official FISDIR Pin or Pennant, a Polo #OpenYourHearth Shirt, sweatshirt or even an Official FISDIR Track Suit. These prizes will help you show your support for the FISDIR and what they are trying to accomplish.

Donations can be made in any amount and the merchandise costs between $10 and $230.

Donations are obviously the best way to help give these athletes a shot at competing but not everyone has the means to be able to do this. Even if you are unable to purchase any of their FISDIR gear or donate any money, there are other ways that you can help them to the 2014 World DSISO Like any other charity or charitable campaign, the FISDIR needs your help to raise awareness. Think about it, did you know about the Italian Federation of Sports for Intellectual and Relational Disabled before today? Of course not, how could you? Take the time to tell friends and family about this worthy charity. Use the hashtag #OpenYourHearth to help spread the word. If enough people donate and promote their cause, there is a really good chance that this year their could be an Italian champion at the DSISO games!


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