LAUNCH PARTY: Kimberly Handy, Owner of "GlammGirl Essential Skin Care™" To Host "Glamm Brunch" Product Launch Party | Sunday August 17, 2014 | 10:30am - 12:30pm

HOUSTON, TX - AUGUST, 11, 2014---Kimberly Handy, creator and owner of GlammGirl Essential Skin Care™, will host a product launch party with a "Glamm Brunch" at the Kate Spade New York store in Highland Village, Sunday August 17. The fabulous celebration of the plant-based skin care line is Handy's first offering in a line of eco-friendly products designed to enhance all skin types.

GlammGirl was created for women of all skin types in mind by Handy, a Houston native and CEO of the line.  "A few years ago I turned 40 and noticed significant changes happening to my body and my skin," said Handy. "These first time experiences really concerned me and I realized I needed to start a consistent regimen with excellent products that were kind to my skin."

GlammGirl Essential Skin Care™ contains the latest high performing, multi-tasking, ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Plant Based Extracts, Peptides and Essential Oils. The "stackable treatment" products including Essential Hydration Masque, Essential Peptide Serum and the Essential Vitamin C Eye Gel are all keys to women who want safe products for their skin that are preventative and anti-aging.

Once she began developing her line, Handy began to notice tangible differences between her products and what was currently available.

"Once I started developing GlammGirl, my research showed how many toxins where in the body care and skin care products that I used on a daily basis. I couldn’t believe it. Beauty products on shelves should be considered safe and free of harmful chemicals, but the reality is very different. Some laws regulating the beauty industry haven't been revised since 1938!," stated Handy.

Handy believes that GlammGirl Essential Skin Care™ is the answer.  "After years of purchasing popular products on that market that over-promised and under-delivered on what they did for my skin, I decided to become a beauty entrepreneur," said Handy. "My hope is to educate women on the importance of knowing what they are putting on their bodies and faces. My line is fresh, gentle and treats all skin types with the care needed to preserve beautiful skin in today's harsh economic environments. 

The GlammGirl Essential Skin Care™ "Glamm Brunch" product launch party takes place Sunday August 17, 2014 from 10:30 am - 12:30pm at Kate Spade New York, Highland Village (2701 Drexel Drive).  This event is free to the public with an RSVP.  
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