5 Ways for Your Young Dancers to Keep Their Groove This Summer

With school out, summer is the time for endless wonder and possibilities for kids and teens. For young dancers, this is the perfect time for them to grow and hone their technique. While some kids may see this as a chance to catch up on video games and Facebook, there are much more things your kids can do to stay active, have fun and master their craft. Below we’ve listed the top 5 ways for your kids to keep their groove this summer.

1.      Dance the Night Away at Dance Camp : Going to a sleep away summer camp that specializes in dancing is a great way for kids and teens to keep their skills “on pointe,” while making lifelong friends and enjoying the great outdoors. Many dance camps include classes on a variety of dance styles, including: lyrical, ballet, contemporary, swing, Zumba, hip-hop and free-style. Campers generally have the choice of participating in all of these courses, or just focusing on their favorite styles. Best of all, campers often have the opportunity to showcase their dance routines at the last day of camp, helping them build the confidence and poise to guide them through the school year.

2.      Learn a New Form of Dance: Another great way for young dancers to focus their energy in the summer is by learning a new form of dance. They can either do this at summer camp, or at a local program that offers a dance camp. There are hundreds of styles of dance for your child or teen to explore. Encouraging them to learn a new form of dance will not only broaden their view on the world, but give them a healthy and creative outlet.

3.      Start a Dance Group with Their Friends: Summer is also a great time for young dancers to take their skills to the next level by starting a dance group with their friends. Whether they find friends from programs they are already in, or seek the help of local kids, being part of a dedicated dance group will assure your kids get daily practice, as well as learn the importance of teamwork and responsibility.

4.      Make Their Own Music Video: Your young dancer can also take the time to make a music video with their friends this summer. A music video is a fun way for kids to showcase their dance routines while learning new skills like editing, camera operating, and lighting. If your child is already enrolled in a film summer camp course, this would be a great way for them to combine both of their skills.

5.      Sign Up for a Local Competition: Lastly, the freedom of summer will award your child with the luxury and time to sign up and practice for a local competition. Local competitions are a great way for kids and teens to demonstrate the skills they learned at dance camp or other programs while being in a rewarding environment. Win or lose, entering a dance competition will build the determination and drive needed for young dancers to advance in their careers.

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