Taking the high line

The sky is the limit for renowned highliner Heather Larsen at the 2015 GoPro Mountain Games, literally. The 29-year-old from Denver is executing highline demonstrations high above Gore Creek at the International Bridge throughout the Mountain Games.

Larsen is now a professional slackliner with Gibbon Slacklines, but she started out like most people in the sport: doing it just for the thrill.

“I went to a highline before I could even walk a slackline in the park, and I was so inspired by my friends, I knew I wanted to go after it,” Larsen said.

And go after it she has, with years of training on all different types of lines and tensions. Larsen is putting it all on the line at this year’s GoPro Games to inspire others to pursue the sport of highlining.

“The biggest advice I have to beginners is just don’t be intimidated,” she said.” Everyone starts off shaky as a beginner. Set up short lines close to the ground, and you can move up from there.”

Larsen will be performing highlining demonstrations throughout the weekend, including Saturday at 3 p.m. and Sunday at 9 a.m. 

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