Dr. Mary M. Gillam, Talks About her new book The CORE Leadership Development Model

We speak to Dr. Mary M. Gillam, Col (Ret), USAF, is a #1 Amazon best-selling author, international inspirational speaker, veteran, and business owner, about her new book The CORE Leadership Development Model


Question 1:  Tell us a little about your leadership background?  My name is Dr. Mary M. Gillam.  I am a former Senior Executive Service (SES) Corps member with the Department of Defense where I served as the Director of Technology, Innovation, and Engineering in the Pentagon.  I am also a retired Air Force Colonel and a Certified John C. Maxwell Leadership Speaker, Coach, and Trainer.  Having spent over 30+ years in various leadership, management, and technology positions to include (C-level positions), I am passionate about developing leaders. I am also the recipient of numerous leadership awards. 

Question 2:  Where did you get the inspiration to write your book?  The inspiration to write The CORE Leadership Development Model was derived from several sources.  First, I believe that the art of genuine leadership is developing the next generation of leaders.  Second, as a seasoned and experienced leader, I have worked in numerous organizations and discovered some leadership “heroes.”  These individuals were primed for a leadership role.  They just needed someone to not only give them a chance to exercise their leadership skills, but to also recognize their leadership potential.

Question 3:  What is this book about?  The CORE Leadership Development Model is about developing future leaders.  As a leader with a passion for developing people, my goal for writing The CORE Leadership Development Model was to design a framework that could inspire and empower men and women to cultivate and release their leadership potential.  

Question 4:  What sets your book apart from other books in the same genre?  What sets The CORE Leadership Development Model apart from other leadership books is the fact that this is truly a God-inspired model.  Having studied leadership theories for years, I never envisioned the framework that God gave me to describe this model.  As I began to document the model, the concept became very clear.  This simple to understand, four step process can help people to galvanize and release their leadership potential.

Question 5:  What do you want people to take away from this book?  By reading The CORE Leadership Development Model, people will learn:

(1)   A simple step-by-step approach to unleashing their leadership potential.

(2)   How to use their natural gifts and talents to develop a powerful leadership brand.

(3)   How to unmask the leadership potential hidden inside of uncommon leaders.

(4)   How to exercise courage over fear and become the leader that others want to follow.

Question 6:  As an author, what is your writing process?  My writing process consists initially of identifying a need in the public space, and developing a written product to address the need.  As God gives me ideas to write about, I document them.  Afterwards, I develop a detailed book that includes research, production, marketing and distribution.

Question 7:   How long did it take you to start and finish your book?  Although I have written and published eight books to include an Amazon #1 Best Seller, The CORE Leadership Development Model took the longest to complete. From concept to final production took over one year.   

Question 8:  Is this your first book on leadership?  This is my second book on leadership.  In 2013, I published 14 Jewels of Dynamic Leadership which documents fourteen battled-tested and proven leadership principles.

Question 9:   Where can people find your books?  All of my books can be purchased at, Create, Barnes and Noble, and any other book distribution site.     

Question 10:  What's next for you?  Since The CORE Leadership Development Model was just released, I am in the process of promoting the book.  Therefore, I am available for speaking engagements, consulting, training and coaching.  

Is there anything else you'd like to add?  I want to personally thank you for allowing me to discuss The CORE Leadership Development Model with a broad audience.  This book is for anyone who is ready to lead and take their leadership development to the next level.  I want to help individuals collaborate and partner with the leadership potential that is inside of them so that they can reach the leadership destination that is before them. 

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