Measuring up – Why Contact Centers Need Better Reporting Tools

As the contact center landscape changes, so too must the reporting and analysis solutions that drive decision-making and performance management. Reporting is vital to contact center success, both day-to-day and longer term.


Out of the Box Reporting Systems Don’t Measure Up

But because each contact center is a unique mixture of systems, applications, people and culture serving a complex customer or client segment with ever increasing demands, ‘out of the box’ reporting systems often just ‘don’t measure up’.

What’s needed is a solution which is pre-tailored to the technology mix in today’s contact centers, but which can flex and stretch to fit changing demands – a mix of made-to-measure and off-the-peg capability. nVision is one such reporting solution, with a pedigree across major technology vendors, plus straight-forward integration to different components.

There are several common reasons why contact centers are looking for solutions like nVision to help with their regular reporting;


1) Current Reports Don’t Meet Requirements:

Typically, contact centers begin with the standard reports included in their operational systems. However these one-size-fits-all reports usually only cover the basics and often don’t reflect an organization’s unique measurement needs.

Moreover, each of these operational systems are essentially silos of data; an ACD’s standard reports are designed to show how the contact center is performing only from the ACD’s point of view, without reference to, say, how agent scheduling (managed in a WFM system) impacts ACD metrics. To determine the latter, at least two reports must be generated, and data from both laboriously merged manually in a spreadsheet-based time-consuming process that is fraught with opportunities for human error.


2) Data Quality & Integrity Suffers:

As errors proliferate in these ‘patched together’ spreadsheet reports, contact centers begin to lose confidence in their stats. Over the course of time, the integrity of the data erodes and you end up with conflicting data – the result being “dueling spreadsheets”, reports ostensibly covering the same metrics, but with different data values suggesting different conclusions to different parts of the business. In an operation which relies heavily on stats to determine resourcing and strategy, this can be crippling for decision makers.


3) Changes to Technology:

A replacement, upgrade or reconfiguration of any component of the contact center environment might change the way underlying operational data is logged, with ripple effects on all dependent reports. Adding any new system means the new data must be incorporated seamlessly into performance reports, without changing the interpretation of those vital numbers. This is a complex and lengthy task, and the penalties for error can be severe.


4) Changes to Operations:

Change is constantly with us these days. With new management priorities come new organisational processes and reporting. Changes need to be quick and cohesive to meet the new demands, or this can result in discord between upper management and the contact center. How do you deliver change quickly and efficiently, without impacting the management information which is the life blood of your organization?


A Flexible Solution 

nVision is the leading reporting and analysis suite for contact center reporting, which comes pre-integrated with a range of technologies and major vendors, and quick to customize for your unique requirements.


nVision Provides Significant Business Advantages and Rapid ROI:

nVision can help you

▪   Remove tedious manual tasks, reassign employees to more productive work.

▪   Produce instant tailored reports to make better, quicker decisions.

▪   Provide agents with up to date information to help them hit targets and KPIs

▪   Increase profit through better analysis of your operations and service offerings.

▪   Resolve issues quickly & effectively with automated alerting & alarming


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