Give Your Look an Artistic Touch

This season, fashion is inspired, and invites the art world to share the runways and fashion shows. From brushstrokes and sketches to street art and spraypaint cans, there is something in every colour for every fashion style!


Designer brands to show your true colours


A true shoe icon, Converse continues to gain followers even after more than 100 years in existence. Originally created for basketball players and made popular by NBA player Chuck Taylor, the most famous sneaker of all time quickly left the courts to tackle the world of fashion. The brand transcends generations, cultures, and styles: everyone has a pair of Converse! Today the brand has developed a line of leather goods and clothing to complete its collection with a look that is casual and super trendy!


La vida est Chula! That’s the slogan of  Desigual, the colourful Spanish brand with avant-garde style. Desigual was created in Barcelona in 1984 by Tomas Meyer who imaged a colourful, creative and unconventional style. Today the Desigual creative team designs over 1000 original items made from various patterns and fabrics. The brand stays true to their original philosophy of positivism, continuous improvement, innovation and originality.


Uniqueness, creativity and “joie de vivre”: those are the key words to describe the brand Art. Whimsical and full of humor, the very creative Spanish brand plays with fashion for a peppy look with bright colours, patchwork clothing and fun details. Their designs are inspired by pop art, and nothing is left to chance with their careful manufacturing: especially comfort!


Among brands that respect the environment, Think is one of the leaders. Rarely has a shoe manufacturer been so committed to Mother Nature. When Martin Koller decided to lauch his own brand in 1990, his principal mission was ecology. Ever since, Think has been the ecological workhorse in the world of shoes, using 100% natural materials and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. At Think, ecology is not just a marketing gimmick, but a real conviction! Oh, and they also make really amazingly cool and comfortable shoes!


Founded by Paul Doren in 1966, Vans overcame their biggest challenge when they introduced the canvas slip on shoe in 1979. The shoe without laces quickly became popular among skateboarders and BMX riders in California. Originally specializing in skate shoes, Vans is now a leader in the world of footwear fashion. They continue to recreate their original model in new versions that continue to please new generations. More than a brand, Vans is an attitude unto itself!


About Spartoo, founded in 2006, has quickly become the European leader in the sales of shoes online. Spartoo offers more than 800 brands of men’s shoes, women’s shoes and children’s shoes, such as Kickers, Geox, Converse, Adidas, and Birkenstock. More than 30,000 models are available, including flat shoes, boots, trainers, court shoes, ankle boots, sandals, and more. With an international presence, is one of the top ten e-commerce sites for fashion and one of the quickest growing companies in Europe.


Turnover 2012 : 150 million euros.

Turnover 2011 : 100 million euros.

Turnover 2010 : 50 million euros.

Turnover 2009 : 30 million euros.

Turnover 2008 : 15 million euros.

Turnover 2007 : 5 million euros.

Top 10 fastest growing companies in Europe (Mediamomentum. , 2012).

Employees : 200