Stede Threads Launches: Keeping Skateboarding on Your Mind


BOSTON, MA, April 2014— Stede Threads (, a sustainable headwear company for skateboarders, that hand sews small pieces of wooden decks recycled by the local community to hats, is launching their brand in stores and online April 11th. The brand utilizes a unique manufacturing process unlike any other apparel company. Starting with the collecting of old boards, they are then milled down to approximately ¼” thickness.  From here they are sent to the laser cutters where they are etched with Stede design elements and the holes are cut, which are then threaded, and hand sewn onto the front of caps.

“Our products create a way for these boards to keep ‘living’ even after they have retired from skating the streets. My mom used to hate when my old boards stacked up in the house, but I could never get rid of them because they all had a story. Also at least 1% of our profits are going towards the building of local skate park developments here in the city of Boston.” Said Founder and CEO Sam Fishman.

Armin Bachman, Co-owner of Orchard Skate Shop in Boston said, “Stede is doing something totally different. I think it’s sick that these hats involve more than just an outside manufacturer sewing on a label. Their process is so localized and the community is really a huge part of what they’re doing.”

Stede Threads will be launching their initial spring cap line in both of Orchard Skate Shop’s locations: 156 Harvard Ave. in Allston and 297 Newbury St and online at . All the baseball caps will feature a custom made and hand lettered woven label on the sweatband as well as the finely refurbished wooden pieces, which are both hand sewn onto the hats right in Boston. The wool cap also features a custom hand lettered felt appliqué as well as a leather strap debossed with the Stede type graphic.

Stede Threads ( is a Boston based headwear company that sources the old skateboard decks recycled by the local community. Stede Threads strives to keep skateboarding on your mind by creating unique hand crafted quality hats. Stede is blurring the lines between hard and soft-goods and changing the way we relate to what we wear.