SYOPTEK International Unveiled Fiber Optic Tester and Other Tools for Quick and Accurate Troubleshooting

China - SYOPTEK International, a principal manufacturer of fiber optic tools, recently announced the launch of fiber optic tester and many other tools that, according to the owners, are essentials of fiber optic diagnostics. The owners also said that the fiber optic tester and other specialized tools for testing and troubleshooting have been reasonably priced so that the buyers do not have to pinch a hole in their pockets to buy the tools.

“While devising our pricing policies, we always keep in mind the end users – the independently working professionals and the fiber optic cable network professionals who work from within small teams of dedicated professionals. In our experience, we have seen that most of the buyers of these tools have small shops or have just made a humble beginning with limited resources and limited investment capabilities. Our motto is to cater to this section of buyers with specialized tools that are a must-have for fiber optic testing and troubleshooting”, said a sales officer of SYOPTEK, one of the largest manufacturers of fiber optic tools and tool kits in China and in the whole of Eastern Asia.

The owners also informed that the visual fault locator and other types of testing tools designed and manufactured by them are made in compliance with the FOA or Fiber Optic Association guidelines.

“We have always religiously followed the FOA guidelines as the guidelines presented by the association function as quality benchmarks for the entire industry at a global scale. We, therefore, have adhered to their guidelines at every step, while manufacturing OTDR or any other specialized tool. Our export-quality tools have already a sizeable share in the European and North American markets and we believe we can gain more trust with the new products added to our catalogue”, said a product quality controller from SYOPTEK International. He also said that the prices of the products may drop in the next quarter of 2016. “We are planning to bring more variety in our product range”, he added.

About the Company

SYOPTEK International is a reputable manufacturer of fiber optic tools and tool kits.

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