Royal Wharf, London - New Waterfront District in Eastern London


Singapore (March 28, 2014) - Royal Wharf, the new Waterfront District is one of the latest waterfront district located in the Eastern part of London. Royal Wharf London is considered to be a wonderful destination of the classic city of London, which also brings in incredible earning. This is one of the finest eyeing locations of the city along with a south facing riverside walkway. It is a huge construction with loads of buildings and nature inside.

Royal Wharf Eastern London that consists of a number of apartments with mindboggling views along with a range of townhouses and private parks, has sold out 50% of 811 units on the very first day along with its Singapore body! The unit launched during March, 2013, is consisted of 68 beautiful town houses, 132 wonderful triple bedroom units, 268 fantastic double bedroom units, 296 amazing single bedroom units and 47 incredible studio units. 50% of the popular townhouses and almost all the studio units are already sold.

This royal project is developed by two very well-known developers, Oxley Holdings and Ballymore UK. Royal Wharf is comprised of total 3385 cosy homes, gyms, schools, parks, supermarket, shops, offices, riverside restaurants, cafes and many more. Added to that, the river side park view, excellent transport communication are extra advantages tagged to this mesmerising property. The project has started form commencing sales from March 2014 in Singapore. From the very day of its launch booking in Singapore, Royal Wharf Singapore sales has started taking place on a rapid pace.

The place has exceedingly good communication with all parts of London though Dockland Light Railways, an upcoming station. It is also located in the close proximity with London city Airport. Huge range of commercial units like restaurants, retail shops, offices and gyms are located within the approachable distance. The amazing location of this property has inspired most of the wise investors of the town and beyond.

Considering the plan and the facilities of the property, Royal Wharf is actually priced at an affordable way.  The rates of the property are tagged around 3.50 dollars per square foot for the apartments. The townhouses are rated at 1.59 dollars per square fit. Investors around the nation are expecting use return on interest from this amazing property of Royal Wharf London.

Royal Wharf has come out being one of the most exotic locations in entire city, surrounded by incredible natural beauty. The execution of this grand project creates a perfect city life with the sanity of nature.

About Royal Wharf London:
Royal Wharf London is developed by Oxley Holdings and Ballymore UK. This is a small district in the heart of London. To know more please visit

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