9 Reasons To Eat Breakfast at Glenwood Hot Springs

The Grill at Glenwood Hot Springs serves a hearty breakfast daily, and for those staying at the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge it’s included. What visitors may not know is the Grill chooses only the best ingredients and highest quality goods to share with their guests.

  1. Apple juice. Sourced from Talbott Farms in Palisade, Colorado; unlike much of the apple juice served in the U.S. which contains corn syrup, Talbott Farms juice is made from 100% apples grown just a few miles away.
  2. Bagels. These delicious bagels from the local Born to Bake bakery disappear quickly. Because they don’t need a long shelf life, there’s no need to add artificial preservatives.
  3. Doughnuts. Produced daily by the Glenwood Springs’ shop Sweet Coloradough, these doughnuts are melt-in-your-mouth yummy and always made without artificial preservatives.
  4. Irish oatmeal. With only two ingredients – steel cut certified organic oats and water, Irish oatmeal is among the healthiest choices to start the day.  
  5. Yogurt. The Grill serves Mountain High Yogurt, a Colorado company which has been producing yogurt since 1976 with no added gelatin, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, and it’s made only from cows not treated with bovine growth hormones.
  6. Eggs. The best egg is a fresh egg. Industrialized, liquid eggs are off-limits at the Grill. Instead, each day the staff cracks and cooks to order between 150 – 600 eggs!
  7. Hash browns. This breakfast staple is made using fresh potatoes only. Unlike the frozen variety, fresh hash browns are free of additives.
  8. Pastries & biscuits. Always fresh, never frozen, the Grill staff makes the scrumptious baked goodies served daily.
  9. Coffee. Produced by Vail Mountain Coffee Company, the beans are roasted in nearby Edwards, Colorado.

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Glenwood Hot Springs is a 127-year-old Colorado landmark resort located along Interstate 70 at Glenwood Springs, approximately 165 miles west of Denver and 90 miles east of Grand Junction. Famous for its enormous hot springs pools, other amenities include the Spa of the Rockies, the Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge, an athletic club, a restaurant open for breakfast and lunch, a retail store specializing in swimwear and a miniature golf course, open seasonally. For more information, including press releases, a press kit, photos and a live web camera, please visit or call 800-537-SWIM (7946) or 970-947-2955.

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