BCAE Launches New “R & D” Restaurant Series With Chef Rachel Klein

BOSTON —The Boston Center for Adult Education, known for its deep roots in the Boston chef and restaurant community, is launching a new culinary series called “R & D” – (Research and Development), in which chefs and restaurateurs opening new restaurants can test their ideas on a ready and willing audience of eager diners looking to get a first taste of a new location.

The new series gives chefs and restaurateurs the opportunity to showcase their menus, cuisine and concepts, while processing direct feedback in an open forum and in a very transparent way. “I think this is extremely attractive to chefs because not only are they working in professional grade kitchens, but they get a valuable chance to see how the public will receive their new concept," said Susie Brown, Executive Director of the Boston Center for Adult Education. "It's equally attractive for the diner, because it allows guests to get out ahead of the pack well before opening night by getting a table at that new restaurant before that table even exists!”  Restaurateur and Liquid Art House creator Ruta Laukien agrees: "This is a valuable opportunity for Liquid Art House to create an open dialogue with diners, woo new customers and collect data in a way that is meaningful, before we open," said Ruta Laukien.

The inaugural event features Chef Rachel Klein of Liquid Art House at The Arlington (slated for May opening) on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 from 6:00PM – 8:00PM. The event will be set in a cocktail setting and Chef Klein will unveil their launch menu for the art lounge: a multi-sensory “artwalk” of global street food, dumplings and other surprises.  Owner Ruta Laukien and Chef de Cuisine Ensan Wong will also be on hand to chat with test diners about their experience. The evening will conclude with a private tour of the new restaurant space for guests. Tickets are $35pp, wine will also be provided, and tickets are available at:

About the Boston Center for Adult Education:

Founded in 1933, the Boston Center for Adult Education (BCAE) is the first, nonprofit adult education center in New England. The Boston Center for Adult Education serves as a meeting place for the Boston community to gather, learn, discuss and create. The BCAE offers educational classes taught by well-qualified leaders, staff, and volunteers who share the mission of enhancing our community. Today the BCAE teaches classes in Boston for almost every interest. Students can experience everything from yoga, photography, belly dancing, and stand-up comedy, to scotch tasting, cooking, achieving financial freedom, ESL classes and much more.  At their recently renovated headquarters on Arlington Street (Boston, MA) you'll find professional grade kitchens, top-notch technology, and versatile classroom space with free Wi-Fi. The BCAE offers a variety of personal and corporate membership levels with benefits including discounted tuition costs and discounts on local retailers. Browse classes, become a member, or support the BCAE online at The BCAE is located at 122 Arlington Street, Boston MA 02116. The BCAE administrative offices are open Monday- Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. The Student Services office is open Monday-Thursday, 9:00 AM-7:00 PM and Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM. The BCAE is open on weekends during class times only. 

About Liquid Art House:

Liquid Art House (“L.A.H.”) is Boston's first gallery-restaurant hybrid, launching in the landmark building “The Arlington” in the spring of 2014. An innovative concept of art, space and design through the prism of social dining, L.A.H. and creator Ruta Laukien are trailblazing an “art hospitality” experience with an interactive and continuously evolving space – as showroom, gallery, restaurant, lounge and online platform – where all offerings are available for purchase and seamlessly integrate into one guest experience.