keyboard_arrow_up Announces New Line of Cloud Atlas Vaping Accessories

Cloud Penz, one of the world’s preeminent retailers of vaporizing pens and winner of “Best Vaporizer” in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup, is proud to announce their new line of Cloud Atlas attachments. These additions augment an already impressive line of “vape pens” and related accessories.

A vape pen is a device, operated by a rechargeable battery, which is used to inhale herbal oils, waxes, concentrates, shatter and similar materials. The new Cloud Atlas line promises to help bring vaporizing to the next level of ease, efficiency and aesthetics.

There are five styles of the Cloud Atlas accessory to choose from, each made of durable, long-lasting stainless steel and ceramic nichrome. They’re able to heat your material in less than five seconds. The signature aspect of the Cloud Atlas series, however, is the customized glass dome. You can watch your material actually being vaporized!

About Vape Pens

The popularity of vape pens is at an all-time high. Unlike traditional smoking, “vaping” heats the material up to an incredibly high temperature. Instead of burning and creating smoke, the material is turned into vapor. There is minimal smell associated with a vaporizer, and they are very discreet to use.

Vaporizing removes carcinogens and other harmful chemicals from the material, so the user is primarily only inhaling the active ingredients. While vaporizing is important for everyone who wants to limit their health risks, it’s especially important for those who are using the vape pen to administer medicine.

With medical marijuana legal in 21 states and D.C., as well as recreational marijuana legal in two states, the vape pen market shows no sign of slowing down. In order for businesses to remain competitive in this marketplace, they must produce high quality products they are willing to stand behind.

Full Circle, Inc and Their Influence on the Vape Industry

Based out of Los Angeles, Full Circle, Inc has been at the forefront of the electronic vaporizer industry since 2012. They are the sole proprietor of Cloud Penz, a line of high quality, stylish vape pens. The Cloud Penz come with a complete kit, including two atomizers, a battery charger, a mouthpiece, a travel case, a Cloud CTensil and more.

The Penz come in a variety of colors including “cotton candy,” “slime” and “sizurp.” Small, lightweight and discreet, the Cloud Pen costs about $80. They work for about two days between charges, so they’re very portable and convenient to use.

In addition to the pens, also sells Ctensil dab tools, extra attachments (like the dry herb atomizer) and even gear customized with the Cloud logo. Their site also has instructional videos, so users can learn the proper maintenance and use of their pens.

Full Circle, Inc is well-known for their product warranties. They have a 12 month warranty exchange program on damaged parts, including the Cloud Penz 2.0 micro USB battery. Additionally, there is a 30 day warranty on any unused atomizers found to be defective. Customer satisfaction and quality products are two important focal points for

Brett Albanese
CEO Full Circle, Inc and proprietor of Cloud Penz