Why Terminate, When You Can Innovate?

The economic challenges of recent years have forced many enterprises to look for cheaper and more efficient solutions. This has led to solution providers looking to diversify, adding low cost options and new revenue streams to retain customers and attract new business.

Crowded Market

Cloud hosting and multimedia channels are two clear examples in the contact center space: almost every major vendor is now offering these, ousting or acquiring the niche players.

There are many significant impacts of this. Any new technology you are buying or deploying today, is now more likely to be obsolete before it’s even switched on. In fact, getting rid of stable legacy systems could be a mistake before you understand and plan for the future. Changes to customer technology and behaviour are creating the need to radically re-think your strategy now. Especially as now for the first time in history, consumers have much better technology than the enterprise that serve them.

Consumer Spending is Outstripping that of the Enterprise

If you can’t match the customer spending power in terms functionality (and you can’t) you may have to set a different goal for the operation of some of your core platforms. We may be arriving at the potential apex value that manufacturers can add to core platforms.

Your need will be to have a stable system that allows you to plug in innovations rather than trying to constantly upgrade. The ideal system will allow you to add on innovations rather upgrading everything every time. For manufacturers and suppliers who have used expensive upgrades as a way of locking customers in for the long term the old way of selling technology will rapidly become less practical.

We have already seen the big players in technology open up their platforms to connect to other systems but this will go further. Extending the life of functioning multimedia routing platforms that support chat and social interaction become the only effective way to match the customer’s behaviour. Reducing costs of running existing systems by moving to 3rd part support and focusing spend on innovation could be a differentiator.

Extend the life of Existing Infrastructure

PSS was already diversifying, building on our globally successful 3rd party support model with innovations to fill the gaps between major vendors. Our unique Flexx family of products is specifically designed to bridge the chasms between disparate systems, whether in telephony or back-end processes, monitoring or compliance requirements.

How to Innovate Without Rip and Replacing

Now PSS has extended its reach with innovations, which replace or augment other vendors’ products. Still with an emphasis on vendor independence, and with a knack for spotting the opportunity for a niche product, PSS has introduced several new solutions, which are flexible enough to fit your business.

The current drive to improve customer experience has raised the question of the agent experience: your agents are your interface to the customer, and the agent desktop is critical to agent performance. PSS introduced the Coral Active Zero-Client Desktop, a multi-channel (and even Omni-Channel) solution available on any device, which is fully customizable and compatible with a wide range of contact center technologies from Genesys, Cisco, Aspect and others – or a mixture of these. Coral Active makes your agents faster, happier, and more responsive to multimedia contacts.

Compliance is another area of current focus in contact centers and other B2B and B2C businesses. PSS has developed a range of solutions for compliance monitoring, as well as back-up and testing solutions for call recording systems. We have a unique solution to automate the transfer of archive recordings from tape to disk storage in a tamper-proof way, as well as in-life monitoring to avoid compliance failures.

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