Highlights of Magento Imagine 2014 eCommerce Conference

Magento Imagine eCommerce Conference 2014 was held at Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas. Magento COO and Co-Founder, Roy Rubin, took the stage at Imagine 2014 and greeted the 2,000 attendees to kick-off the morning keynote address. Roy articulated that we are in the midst of a dramatic transformation in commerce, as technology has become the key driver of experiences behind the scenes. This vision has defined the theme for this year's Imagine, "Transform."Roy went on to say that technology plays a bigger role in commerce than ever before, making commerce personable again. Please check out our blog for more info about Magento Imagine eCommerce Conference 2014.

Roy also spoke to Magento's own transformation, and how the merger within eBay Enterprise offers Merchants greater flexibility and choice to be creative, innovative, and to go to market in a highly-differentiated way. "With the most flexible front-end solution on the market provided by Magento, and with eBay Enterprise's expertise in supporting large-scale omnichannel commerce for retail titans, retailers and mid-sized merchants alike can now leverage new technologies while maintaining a low total cost of ownership and an accelerated time to market."

Roy brought his keynote to a close by sharing three customer stories that exemplify the transformation that our customers are achieving using Magento and eBay Inc. technologies: Boxpark, Jane Norman, and Stella & Dot.

Mark Lavelle, SVP of Product and Strategy for eBay Enterprise, took the stage at Imagine 2014 and hit the ground running with the announcement of today’s release of Magento Community Edition v1.9 and Enterprise Edition v.1.14, followed by perspective on the power of responsive themes, and the Magento 2 release.

Paul Boisvert, Magento's Director of Product Management, joined Mark on stage to speak in more detail about today's Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14 and Community Edition 1.9 releases, specifically new responsive features, faster time to market, and additional payment and financing options.

Magento 2: The Big Step Forward

eBay Enterprise CTO Brent Peters spoke in detail on the architecture and benefits of Magento 2, and how it is a huge step forward architecturally and technologically for the Magento platform:

• Standardization on jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3, with additional support for PHP 5.5 and MySQL 5.6

• Enhanced API's extending core functionality covering more actions, with further efficiencies to reduce calls

• Modular code allowing developers to make finer gain changes that don’t impact other areas of the code

• Separation of business logic from the presentation layer, reducing the need to cut, copy and paste code by 80%

Day 2: Momentum and Transformation:

The second day of Magento Imagine 2014 launched in high gear this morning as all gathered for the 9:00 a.m. general session and keynotes. Caffeine in hand, excited attendees poured into the hall, securing their seats for the main event they have been waiting for. This year's Imagine being no different, available seats were heavily sought after and once again scarce. You could see and hear the anticipation building in the room as the crowd eagerly waited for the last few minutes to pass prior to lift-off.

The evening activities will soon commence with a session featuring renowned and best-selling author, Malcolm Gladwell, which includes Q&A with Mark Lavelle, eBay Enterprise's SVP of Product and Strategy. The discussion will end on a high note, directly leading attendees to the "LEGENDARY Imagine Evening Event." The perfect way to wind down a day full of so much excitement, insights, dialogue, friendship, and most importantly, opportunity!

Day 3: Think Fast, Innovate, Fight, and Be Fearless:

From PayPal updates to the wisdom of a fighter pilot, the morning keynotes set the tone for day three of Imagine 2014: in the ever-changing and increasingly-competitive world of commerce, businesses need to think fast, innovate, fight to win, and be fearless.

Throughout the morning keynote and the day emcee Jamie Clarke spoke to how Magento clients are innovating with their businesses. Magento client Purina enables him to customize special pet food to meet the dietary restrictions that will enable his dogs to thrive, and he referenced the amazing things that Magento customers Naturebox, DiBruno Brothers, Cameron Hughes Winery, Lobstergram, and Carlo’s Bakery (of Cake Boss fame) are doing in the Food and Beverage segment. The day also included video success stories for Magento merchants Alex and Ani, Athlete’s Foot, and City Winery.

Magento COO and Co-Founder, Roy Rubin, closed out the afternoon session by thanking Magento's many event sponsors for their support, helping make Imagine 2014 another spectacular event. He then reminded attendees that he would soon be moving on from Magento. He conveyed how Magento is stronger than ever, that the company remains committed to the success of its vibrant, global community of Merchants, Partners and Developers, and how proud he is of all that has been achieved together.

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