Quality Pool Renovation Services from Tim Davies Landscaping

[Western Australia, March 28, 2014] –Tim Davies Landscaping (TDL), an award-winning landscape architectural expert from Australia, includes innovative swimming pool designs in their line-up of services. The company believes that swimming pools have become an integral part of an industry trend that places high value on backyard landscaping, which includes fencing, decks, and walkways, among others. It also presents the financial benefit of added resale value, making it a lasting investment for many property owners.

Beyond construction

Part of TDL’s design perspective is complement before replacement. Not every construction needs a complete overhaul. Sometimes, all a landscape needs is a little boost to achieve its highest potential. That is why the company also offers top-notch pool renovations for clients with an already installed swimming pool. They can choose from resizing, recolouring, refinishing, and reshaping to give their pools a new look that would complement their overall landscape design.

A range of Pool Renovation Services from TDL includes:

·         Re-surfacing

·         Pool Painting

·         Tiling and Paving Pool Copings and Surrounds

·         Waterfalls / Waterwalls

·         Pool Lighting

·         Pool Heating

·         Solar, Gas and Heat Pumps

·         Pool fencing

·         Pool covers – manual and automatic

The company can also suggest new equipment to homeowners to provide greater filtration, energy and maintenance efficiencies for a more cost-effective approach.

About Tim Davies Landscaping

Tim Davies Landscaping (TDL) is the one-stop source for exceptional outdoor design solutions in Perth. With over 30 years of experience in the design and construction industry, the firm has transformed ordinary outdoor spaces into stunning assets for many satisfied clients. Whether clients want to renovate their backyard or make a striking commercial property, TDL garden designers have them covered.

Clients can visit the company’s website at for more information about the services they offer.