Griffin Coffee and Tea Company Launches AntiquiTeas™ Tea Line


Griffin Coffee and Tea is an online and local tea company that renders its services based on the online orders as well as local wholesale and retail customers. The company is one of the pioneers in the field of online tea services and unique specialty teas. The company feels proud to announce the launch of their latest product range, AntiquiTeas™ Tea Line.   AntiquiTeas™ Tea Line comes with a piece of history associated with each tea.

The company has recently launched such a unique concept, combining rich history wih flavorful, healthy specialty teas. The first of this line focuses on the coastal region of historic Savannah. The entire set of historic Savannah tea flavors consists of five kinds- Mulberry Grove Tea, Beloved Prophet Tea, Savannah Citrus Tea, Savannah Town Tea and Red Top Peach Tea. These five tastes are so designed to resemble the five amazing, empowered women of Savannah, Georgia. These specialty tea flavors come in exciting silver tin packages of which can be filled with either loose leaf or pyramid sachet teas. The buyer can certainly go for any one of the flavors, or he can go for all the five of them. These teas are sourced from the finest high grown teas available in the world. The silver tins are refillable; thus adding to the uniqueness, keepsake quality and the value of the lovely package that is associated with such tea.

The stories about the amazing women from Savannah that are associated with each tea are written by Shannon Scott. He is famous for representing Savannah in Americas Most Haunted Cities. Scott also founded the Sixth Sense tours in the area and currently owns and operates Bonaventure Cemetery Tours. His profound knowledge of historic Savannah lends itself to an exquisite addition to AntiquiTeas; Historic Savannah.

About Griffin Coffee and Tea:

Griffin Coffee and Tea is an online tea company that provides high quality specialty tea and gourmet coffees. They have allotted a group of experienced individuals in keeping up to the reputation that they have built amongst their desired clients. The customer can buy tea online after scrolling through the range of products that the company offers or seek out products locally in the coastal region of Savannah, Georgia. Griffin Coffee and Tea Company ships all over the U.S.A.

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Griffin Coffee and tea is one of the leading companies that provides tea and coffee online. They have recently launched their newest product AntiquiTeas which comes with a wide range of exciting attributes.