HarborWare Unveils New Logo and Refreshed Online Store

HarborWare just unveiled a refreshed online store design with a new version of their logo The logo has been scarcely used in marketing and social media materials since 2012, however as of October 1, 2014 it will replace the old version entirely, at least for "the time being".

"This is just a part of the HarborWare brand evolution. We try not to box ourselves into 'the norm' too much. When we were coming up with logo concepts in our infancy, we were torn between two designs, so we just started using them both! Our 'new' logo isn't exactly new, it's been used on some marketing materials. However, we're trying it out as our dominant logo for the time being. It may stick, it may not, but we're happy with the direction." - Dave Darr, VP

HarborWare is an online store and wholesaler that specializes in boat docks and boating supplies. They began manufacturing small dock materials in 1967 and have been growing their business ever since. They launched HarborWare in 2012 as their retail brand.