Spending $1 a Day on Facebook Ads Can Ensure Great Things for Your Website

Facebook ads are a great means to create awareness and increase popularity about any business, be it a B2B, B2C business, and proprietorship or a just a hobby and indulgence.

Serious changes in advertising since the 20th century

The average person would hardly advertise before the advent of the internet. Most businesses used the yellow pages and the radio and many persons found the pay perclick option too expensive and complicated.

Why Facebook ads are such a big hit

·         Facebook ads provider several unique opportunities such as :

·         The minimum spending a day is around $1

·         The ads can reach more people or same number of people as TV and radio in any place

·         The ads offer sophisticated targeting like Adwords on different criteria.

·         They offer the lowest cost every 1000 impressions.

The basic aspect about Facebook is simple. If you spend $1 a day on the Facebook ads you will make 4000 people aware about your business who had no idea your company existed. If you do this and your competition is not then you lead the awareness game.

ROI and awareness through Facebook ads

There have been several cases of companies getting positive ROI from Facebook ads and it is very much feasible. It is a fact that there are other companies doing poorly on Facebook without proper analytics. There are some 42% of B2B companies that didn’t know what FB was doing for them because of a lack of tracking system.

There is a FB conversion tracking code and if you use it then you can create ads that automatically optimise for conversion.

The many targeting options for Facebook advertising

If you are not really familiar then here is the list of the best FB targeting options. You could use them individually or in a combination:

1.      Language

2.      Workplace

3.      Gender

4.      Geography

5.      Age

6.      College

7.      Interests

8.      Relationship status

9.      Categories

10.  Education level

11.  School

12.  College major

13.  Your own email lists


There have been several other case studies that indicate that Facebook advertising works for lead generation.

Retargeting options are also offered by Facebook just as is the case with Adwords. This option may be used if you want to diversify your own media beyond media and fans.

Facebook advertising has worked wonders for several businesses and they have been transformed into household names from being virtually unknown in the arena.

If you are not advertising on Facebook and it is something that is not very expensive in the least, then you could be losing out on a highly effective yet simple means of promoting your business, skills, website and company.

Sign up for Facebook ads today and with you spending just $1 day you are not going to lose out on anything. On the contrary you will only ensure a strong online presence for your business and website.


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