Massive Discounts During the Online Sales

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Focus on the brands with the best deals:


Adidas…More than a brand: a legend in sports equipment that revolutionized the world of sports. It all started in Germany when Adolf Dassler, who went by his nickname Adi, had the idea of designing shoes by hand. Gradually, his products spread throughout Germany. Since then, adidas has continued to develop new techniques, innovating constantly in their choice of materials and styles to create new designs on the cutting edge of fashion. Over the years, the brand has forged an identity and contributes to some of the biggest sporting events by equipping the best athletes. Today, adidas offers a wide range of sports shoes and other styles that appeal to everyone.


A legend among legends, Levi’s began in the United States in 1853 thanks to the determination and imagination of Levi Strauss, a Bavarian emigrant. His products: jeans of course! According to legend, Levi Strauss showed off the robustness of his jeans by tying two horses pulling the jeans in opposite directions. Since then, Levi’s jeans have been labelled with two horses at the waist. Today, Levi's has shoes, clothing, and leather goods that remain true to the authentic spirit that made the brand famous.


What’s the point of creating clothing if we can’t do anything in them? That’s the motto of Petit Bateau. The brand that was once well known for undergarments has become a leader in casual style for the whole family: babies, men, women, and children looking for quality and comfort. At Petit Bateau, shoes are made with children and parents in mind: durable, comfortable an dpractical. From plastic boots to children's flat shoes, the brand offers durable, basic models for playing and growing up, step by step.


Created in 1973 in New Hampshire USA, Timberland is currently experiencing runaway worldwide success. Everything began when the Swartz family decided to create a shoe with a totally new technique: to solder the sole to the shoe instead of sewing it. That is how the legendary yellow worker boot was invented. Success came shortly after with sales in Europe in the late 70’s. Today, the brand is a leader in casual and outdoor attire, and Timberland continues to innovate with their Earthkeepers line: the first 80% recyclable shoe that doesn’t lose a bit of it’s authentic quality.


About Spartoo, founded in 2006, has quickly become the European leader in the sales of shoes online. Spartoo offers more than 800 brands of men’s shoes, women’s shoes and children’s shoes, such as Kickers, Geox, Converse, Adidas, and Birkenstock. More than 30,000 models are available, including flat shoes, boots, trainers, court shoes, ankle boots, sandals, and more. With an international presence, is one of the top ten e-commerce sites for fashion and one of the quickest growing companies in Europe.


Turnover 2012 : 150 million euros.

Turnover 2011 : 100 million euros.

Turnover 2010 : 50 million euros.

Turnover 2009 : 30 million euros.

Turnover 2008 : 15 million euros.

Turnover 2007 : 5 million euros.

Top 10 fastest growing companies in Europe (Mediamomentum. , 2012).

Employees : 200.