What to Look for in a Uniform Rental Company

Uniforms offer many advantages, both to the company and to the workers. Uniforms make employees feel like a vested part of the business, and endow workers with a sense of importance. Customers and visitors know they are working with professionals when workers are wearing high-quality uniforms bearing the company name and logo. Plus, uniforms can make certain jobs cleaner and safer. Here's how to choose the right uniform supply company.

A Good Selection of Uniforms

A wide selection of uniforms offers your business several advantages. Some companies want to match the color of the uniforms to their business logo, and others use uniform colors to designate departments or ranks within the company. You also want to find a rental company that can keep pace with your uniform requirements as your company grows.

Options to Lease or Buy the Uniforms

Renting may be your best option for now, but consider a company that can satisfy your needs in the future. At some point, it may make more sense for your company to purchase your uniforms, and you won't want to find a new uniform vendor and start the whole process over again. Look for a uniform supply vendor that also offers purchasing options. 

Uniforms for Both Sexes

Jobs that were once exclusively male or female are now coed. Look for a company that can offer both men's and women's sizes so that all of your employees are well-fitted. Some uniform vendors offer only male sizes, making it difficult or impossible to fit female workers in the right uniforms. The right fitting uniform doesn't just look better, it's also safer around the workplace. Long sleeves or dragging pants can be a safety hazard.

Uniform Cleaning Services

Uniform cleaning can be a big expense and hassle, especially if you have to invest in commercial grade washers and dryers. Sending uniforms home with workers to wash is risky, because not all of the stains will be removed, and uniforms will typically need replacing more often if workers are in charge of cleaning. Instead, find a uniform vendor that can provide cleaning services along with the uniform rentals.

High Quality Uniforms That Meet Safety Requirements

Do your workers need special clothing for safety or sanitation purposes? Some uniforms need to be fire retardant, heat resistant, safe for food handling, resistant to bacteria, or capable of enduring other extreme conditions. Find a uniform supply company that can provide the type of uniforms you need for your workers' conditions.


Prudential Overall Supply doesn't just try to meet customer expectations -- they strive at all times to exceed those expectations with the highest quality and best selection of uniforms you could want. Prudential can provide rentals or sell uniforms, including those for industrial applications, automotive work, restaurant workers, the medical community, and those in the food processing industry, as well as career and casual clothing, and outer clothing for workers exposed to the elements.