iScan Imaging Launches new centre near Kemps Corner

Mumbai, India – May 15, 2014 – Recently, iScan Imaging Centre launched Mumbai’s first 3Tesla MRI – Spectra and 194-slice Cardiac CT at Kemps corner. iScan offers quality medical imaging facilities that contribute to diagnosis and treatment of medical illnesses or injuries. This grand launch was held on 6th of April 2014 and was hosted by Dr.Devang Desai (Radiologist and Director), Dr.Anand Gupta (Radiologist and Director), Dr.Kavita Nisar Desai (Director) and Dr.Shaista Agboatwala-Gupta (Director). This event commenced at 10am and was attended by over 400 eminent medical personalities.

iScan Imaging Centre believes in precise diagnosis with compassion. The most important part of a patient’s recovery is the correct diagnosis without which, effective treatment cannot be administered. Improper diagnosis could mean improper treatment which could harm a patient mentally or sometimes even cause death. It is therefore very important to choose a reputed and trusted service when it comes to diagnosis of illnesses and injuries.

iScan Imaging Centre exposes a patient to the very best of facilities for medical diagnostic imaging and is the first imaging centre in Mumbai that offers you 3 Telsa MRI(Spectra) and 194 Slice Cardiac CT which contributes to optimal and precise diagnosis of patients. By bringing you advanced technology, iScan Imaging offers world class medical facilities that any patient can rely on. With services including CT Coronary Angiography,Heart CT,Cardiac MRI,CT Guided Biopsy and Whole Body Scanning among other crucial services for medical diagnosis that contribute to the treatment of illnesses and injuries of patients with the help of two highly knowledgeable and experienced radiologists with clinical experience of over 12 years in medical practice, Dr.Devang Desai and Dr.Anand Gupta. With an aim of providing the most advanced diagnostic imaging facilities, a patient’s every diagnostic need is taken care of with expert care.

About iScan Imaging Centre:

iScan Imaging Centre offers world class medical facilities for the precise diagnosis of illnesses and injuries using the most advanced technology. Some of its optimal services include CT Coronary Angiography, Heart CT, Cardiac MRI, CT Guided Biopsy and Whole Body Scanning among other crucial services for medical diagnosis that contribute to the treatment of illnesses and injuries of patients.

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