Marketing Wiz and Dudley Digital Works Announce DMW Network Launch

Saratoga Springs, NY and Falls Church, VA: Today, marketing service provider Marketing Wiz and multi-media production company Dudley Digital Works formalized the DMW Network, an alliance of strategic partners that deliver content, creative and technology services for global, corporate, agency and advocacy clients. DMW Network's mission is to optimize marketing and communications workflow by eliminating the disconnect between unique, yet intertwined disciplines.

"We've worked closely with Dudley Digital Works since 2008" said Marketing Wiz executive director Craig Hall. "Together we've provided a seamless service and delivered incredible value to some of the world's leading brands and causes. It makes perfect sense to formalize our offering and collaborate to build better solutions for our clients and develop new relationships."

Marketing Wiz and Dudley Digital Works drew inspiration for the DMW Network from their work in the pharmaceutical, logistics and IT sectors, where strategic global networks are leveraged to operate more intelligently, efficiently and cost-effectively. 

"Marketing and communications is in a leaner, meaner era" said Dudley Digital Works president John Dudley. "Over the past six years, our clients from every sector demanded higher quality at a lower cost in their own businesses. We've followed them closely in this thinking and applied similar models of efficiency and optimized workflow on the content, creative and technology fronts. The DMW Network synchronizes all of the partner's disciplines. That's how we deliver maximum quality, efficiency and value."

In the coming months the DMW Network will continue to welcome strategic partners that add value to existing and prospective clients. The first addition is, a full service webcasting and streaming solutions provider based in Metro Washington, DC.

"Since 2008, we've experienced just how powerful a truly integrated service network is for our clients," said Hall. We believe marketing and communications customers are looking for an optimized model and the DMW Network is designed to be just that". 

DMW Network is an alliance of content, creative and technology partners serving corporate, agency and advocacy clients worldwide. DMW Network's objective is to deliver optimized marketing and communications solutions across multiple disciplines. For more information, visit .

Marketing Wiz builds and maintains the technologies that run marketing campaigns by bridging the gap between IT and marketing for it's clients. For more information, visit .

Dudley Digital Works is a full-service video, digital cinema and multi-media production company with a mind for branding, marketing and messaging. For more information, visit .

NY Contact : Craig Hall 
Tel : 518.857.8171

Metro DC Contact : John Dudley 
Tel : 703.725.7027