Market Research On Frozen Snacks - US - April 2014

Researchmoz presents this most up-to-date research on"Frozen Snacks - US - April 2014". The report focuses primarily on quantitative market metrics in
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Frozen Snacks - US - April 2014

Concerns about the nutritional value of frozen snacks will continue to be top of mind for consumers. Manufacturers will need to reformulate or expand their product offerings, ensuring these items meet consumer preferences for high-quality ingredients and convenient formats. More frequent snacking occasions will also impact product offerings, as well as the retail locations in which these products are sold.

Table of Content

Scope and Themes

What you need to know


Data sources

Sales data

Consumer survey data

Abbreviations and terms


Executive Summary

The market

Sales forecasted to reach $5.1 billion in 2018

Figure 1: Total US sales and fan chart forecast of frozen snacks, at current prices, 2008-18

Frozen handheld entrees continue to lead the category

Figure 2: Total US retail sales of frozen snacks, by segment, 2011 and 2013

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Market factors

Increased snacking, health concerns, and demographic shifts to impact category

Key players

Nestlé, Heinz post sales declines

Figure 3: MULO sales of frozen snacks, by leading companies, 2013

Retail channels

Nonsupermarket channels increase in market share

Figure 4: Total US retail sales of frozen snacks, by channel, at current prices, 2011-13

The consumer

Households with children, men, more likely to purchase frozen snacks

Figure 5: Household purchase of frozen snacks – Self use, by age, February 2014

Meal occasions edge out use as a snack

Figure 6: Frozen snacks usage occasions, by age, February 2014

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Figure 7: Important factors when buying frozen snacks, top five, February 2014

Room for flavor, format improvements

Figure 8: Agreement with attitudes toward frozen snacks, top five, February 2014

What we think

Issues and Insights

What effect will more frequent snacking have?


Insight: Format, ingredients will become more important

How can negative health perceptions of frozen snacks be improved?


Insight: Focus on convenience and fresh ingredients

How will the changing retail landscape impact the category?


Insight: Greater availability, expanded offerings can boost consumption

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