Hello, fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and start-up companies...

On Friday, January 17, 2014 <> excerpt from published article:

“Based on various studies and trends, digital video communications will be the future of content marketing. According to Nielsen, 64 percent of marketers expect video content to dominate marketing strategies in the near future. Video content is naturally engaging, while providing a communications format that simplifies the dissemination of marketing messaging.”

I have been "Beating The Drums" for some time now regarding how integral "video" has become to our digital strategies entering "Tomorrow's Internet"... see (

One 2 min promotional video created with a new U.S.P. (unique selling proposition) can be worth One Million Written Words..! The search engines understand the significance of video and have revised their algorithms to support the medium.

Ok, now that I have your attention, let me propose the following...

  1. “Brainstorm" with us to develop a unique U.S.P.
  2. Use the U.S.P. to create a "content driven" 2 min. promotional video called: "The People You Should Know Road Show Tour"... (We come to you)
  3. We utilize the SEO coded video in our promotional marketing strategy: Convergence 3.0: Video+Social+Mobile....  The most powerful promotional marketing platform on the Net... "The Trifecta Of Promotional Marketing"
  4. The video is then placed in a specially designed web video format called "People You Should Know" and is heavily promoted. We produce a creative direct response 30 sec spot that will be placed in local cable markets promoting the series...
  5. The strategy is then integrated with PitchEngine (marketing partner) via "King of the Pen" our copywriting division and the message goes out literally everywhere...laptops, tablets, and smartphones.  The video series makes its way into all of our company owned sites and is promoted each day online.
  6. We reach hundreds of thousands of like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs thru Social Media Sites, Business Sites, Video Sites, Business Blogs, Newsfeeds, Financial & Entertainment Online Magazines etc...Example: The DPR promoting Wounded Warrior Project musical benefit held in Kingsport, TN @ Biggies was seen not just in the U.S. but in several foreign countries as well.
  7. Our "People You Should Know Road Show Tour“© vehicle is out on the streets in the local communities regularly and is a "Billboard On Wheels" for the  video site that "Showcases" Small Businesses & Start-Ups...
  8. We place the 2 min. video in Let's Go Reeling in our video products directory. Let's Go Reeling is promoted every day. Orders are sent directly to the client to be filled & billed. (Custom orders)  We will work with Big Commerce to fill orders that are geared to their database. All major credit cards to include Pay Pal and the site has up to date security protocols... We use "live chat" to better explain products & services...
  9. We Earn When A Sale Is Made...!

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