Outrider USA Introduces Disability-Proof Electric Adventure Vehicle (EAV)

Outrider USA, a leading innovator in the electric bike industry, has released their new Electric Adventure Vehicle (EAV), The Horizon. The brand’s latest EAV is designed for people of all abilities and was officially launched for the 2016 summer season.

Outrider USA’s co-founder and lead designer, Tom Ausherman, explained the motivation for the new design. “As a company, we’ve always felt that it’s vital to innovate and be inclusive. For the new Horizon, we collaborated with adaptive centers and incorporated feedback from people with disabilities to make the user experience accessible and exciting.”

The modular design and engineering of the all-terrain Horizon is both inventive and adaptive. The Horizon was co-designed with quadriplegic adventurer Christopher J. Wenner Ph.D. and adapts to the abilities of the rider – from riders with full leg and arm function to riders with limited function such as paraplegics and quadriplegics. With its adaptive-use design and powerful electric assist technology, Horizon is ready for adventures on the street or the road less traveled.

“When we designed the Horizon, we were striving for a cycle that could be ridden by as many people as possible,” said Ausherman.

The new Horizon upgraded features include:

  • First of it’s kind shaft-driven handcycle option paired with powerful electric drive allowing riders to reach new heights.

  • Foot rest option for those not utilizing foot pedals.  

  • Tri-pin option is optimized for those with limited hand and wrist function.

Adventures for All with Universal Design

The development of Horizon was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign raised $126k in 30 days, setting a record for most funded Kickstarter project in Western North Carolina.

It was with the success of the Kickstarter campaign and the creation of the Horizon Electric Adventure Vehicle (EAV) that Outrider was able to apply a greater purpose to their work.

“We have always been a company that values quality, performance, and American made manufacturing, but by listening to the wants and needs of our supporters we have found our mission: to build wings for those whose wings have been clipped due to physical, emotional and/or psychological trauma,” said Ausherman.

Utilizing universal design principles, the new Horizon delivers superb performance while creating a cycle that is virtually disability-proof. Universal Design refers to a broad-spectrum of ideas meant to produce buildings, products and environments that are inherently accessible to older people, people without disabilities and people with disabilities, physical or otherwise.

This modular design approach provides the opportunity for individuals with various physical abilities to equally participate and enjoy an Outrider adventure with friends and family.

Outrider USA’s Horizon specifications:

  • Power: 750W, 1400W, 2000W

  • Electric shifting: Shimano Di2 Electronic Shifting paired with 11 speed internally geared rear hub

  • Suspension: Independent A-Arm Front, Rear Shock custom designed by Outrider USA

  • Motor: American-made brushless 93% efficient

  • Battery: Lithium polymer, 1-2kWH capacity

  • Brakes: Dual Shimano Hydraulic 180 mm Disc Brakes

  • Frame: Chromolly / Aluminum

  • Charger: Onboard 1200 Watt 110V Charger standard, 2400 Watt 110V fast charger available as upgrade (220V Charger Available upon request)

  • MSRP: starts at $12,985

About Outrider

Outrider USA is located in Fletcher, NC and has produced high performance Electric Adventure Vehicles (EAVs) since 2009. Formerly known as “FFR Trikes”, Outrider USA has received rave reviews for their line of recumbent electric bikes and trikes.

Outrider is committed to enhancing mobility and making it easier for people of all abilities to enjoy their favorite activities.

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