New Executive Report Reveals Call Center’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Intradiem featured in annual Call Center IQ report highlighting call center’s increasing concern for generating value to business

ATLANTA (Aug. 7, 2014) – Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell is featured in Call Center IQ’s (CCIQ) executive report on call center performance. The report cites customer satisfaction as the call center’s primary objective in today’s customer-centric landscape. It also examines the impact of technology investments aimed at improving call center value.  To download a copy of the full CCIQ report, click here.

The report, Call Center IQ’s Executive Report on Call Center Performance, Operations and Technology, is based on CCIQ’s annual survey of call center leaders from 28 industries, as well as insights from a diverse panel of thought leaders including McConnell.

Of those surveyed, 44 percent of businesses cited improving customer satisfaction as the primary objective of their contact center. Some 27 percent cited focusing on reducing the cost of customer engagements as the most important, with 12 percent focusing on revenue generation through customer acquisition as the call center’s main focus.

“Customer-centricity has become the driving force behind today’s call centers,” said the author of the annual report, CCIQ’s Brian Cantor. “Instead of situating performance evaluation with C-level executives, investors or even lines on their income statements, the majority of today’s businesses believe the most important voice of judgment is that of the customer.”

According to Cantor, the key factors in customer satisfaction includes everything from the metrics used to evaluate operational performance and contract quality, to agent recruitment and development strategies, as well as technologies used to execute back office operations and frontline interactions.

The report also finds an increased perceived value in employee satisfaction and agent experience, finding that more than 80 percent of businesses view agent coaching as vital to their employee investment initiatives.

According to Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell, “When companies commit to making it all about the customer and their pain points, empowering agents to service customers unlocks something that is part of our nature to want to help other people.”

McConnell continues: “It’s all driven by this intense focus on the customer experience,” says McConnell. “Driven by the Apples and Zappos of the world, there is an expectation on the part of consumers that a high quality of service can now be delivered. Because of that, it is responsible for determining market share.”

About Intradiem

Intradiem is the leader in intraday automation solutions for multi-channel contact centers. Intradiem’s customers achieve an invincible customer experience with a real-time workforce by automating manual processes such as intraday task management, intraday staffing, reskilling, channel balancing, and real-time alerts. Intradiem empowers an immediate and consistent response to unpredictable events and changing conditions, resulting in labor savings, improved employee performance and a better overall customer experience.