Respected Dead Sea Salts Brand Made Available in the US

Plantation, FL — Jan 11, 2014  – Goldi Dead Sea has launched themselves into the US market with the introduction of the US website. Their product line is now available to US buyers after years of success around the world. As a luxury brand, they have made a name for themselves in Israel as well as in Europe and Asia, and they are finally offering their top of the line products to consumers in the US. The expectation is that their brand recognition has already penetrated US markets to some degree, thanks to the popularity of Dead Sea mineral salt products.


While other brands are available in the US, there are only a couple of competitors in the luxury face and body skin care product category. That gives Goldi Dead Sea an advantage in the US. They are known to anyone who has traveled to the US or who has searched for a luxury brand of Dead Sea mineral salt skin care products. Goldi Dead Sea is probably the first option that comes up online, even though it was not available before in the US.


With the launch of the US website, Goldi Dead Sea is finally giving US consumers what they want. Dead Sea mineral salts have long been hailed as a healthy and natural way to keep skin looking young. Goldi Dead Sea offers products that range from their body scrubs, made from the gathered salt crystals that form at the shores of the Dead Sea, to their line of creams and their exclusive anti-wrinkle treatment. Their products are hailed as some of the very best, thanks to their focus on creating the best possible treatments from what nature has to offer.


While the launch of a US site does reduce the exclusivity of Goldi Dead Sea, previously only purchased by Americans traveling abroad, this has added to the buzz about the launch. Goldi Dead Sea is happy to be finally entering the US market. These exciting products are said to help reduce wrinkles, rejuvenate aging skin, and keep young skin looking healthy. The website launch was a success and orders in the US are already being filled.



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