STEAMLITE Brings In New Smoking Tradition For The Localities Of Southampton


Southampton, UK (March 29, 2014) – The electronic cigarettes introduced by STEAMLITE are found to the best and most effective smoking alternatives. This company has widely served with their incredible e-cigs to the people of UK. The idea of E cigarette Southampton has been established in a whole new form with STEAMLITE, like most of the cities in the country.

Electronic cigarette in Southampton is been presented by the wonderful team of STEAMLITE in a whole new manner. There has been thousands other e-cigs manufacturers, but no one has been as effective as STEAMLITE in replicating the real cigarettes. You get to have the same feeling ok smoking, with this reasonable brand.  Other than that, these electronic cigarettes can actually be consumed even in the public places, like none of the original tobacco cigarettes. The smoke free, tar and carbon less smoking option of STEAMLITE has actually revolutionized the total idea of safe smoking. You do not need to panic about your health with this brand either.

The reliability of the company remains in their constant product up gradation and excellent customer services. The research oriented company has minutely taken care of the various important factors based on changed customer demands. The new e-cig kits are one of the biggest examples of the relentless customer focus of the company. The different kits like Starter kit, couple kits, heavy user kits, self chagrining kits are designed specifically to cater the diverse needs of the smokers.  GBP 19.99 worth Premium kit is one of the newest inclusions of the company. This pack is offered with 2 batteries, one wall plug, and one USB charging cable.

The consumption of e liquid in Southampton has significantly increased, ever since STEAMLITE has come up with its wonderful series of aromatic e liquids. Users can mix up multiple e liquids to create a new flavor on their own. Some of the most popular flavors of e-liquids of the company are apple, banana, cherry, chocolate, caramel, coffee, menthol, peppermint, tobacco, vanilla, strawberry etc.  Each of the flavors is sold for just GBP 3.99.

Taking about the wonderful e liquid collection of the company, Shane Jones, a regular customer says, “STEAMLITE has the most amazing collection of electronic liquids in the market. The inexpensive e liquid of the company enhances the overall smoking experience.  I completely love each of the flavors and keep on changing my taste from their vast collection.”

STEAMLITE is an electronic cigarette selling company. This is basically an ecommerce store.

Steamlite In Southampton