New Leaders Add Expertise to Lonestar Ecology Sales Team Dean Lewis hired as vice president of sales, Mike Young as senior account manager

With more than 35 years of experience in the environmental field, Dean Lewis knows waste treatment.

Now, his expertise is benefiting the clients of Lonestar Ecology.

Lewis joined the company as vice president of sales in April. His background includes sales and operations management. He will now lead Lonestar Ecology’s four-person sales team.

Joining Lewis as a new member of the team is Mike Young, senior account manager. Young has a marketing degree from Louisiana State University and 28 years of experience in sales and marketing in the environmental industry. His experience focuses on customer service onsite and as a corporate account manager.

Lewis will concentrate on building a professional sales team that can shape Lonestar Ecology into a premier environmental services company.

“Dean is highly respected by waste-generating and environmental-service companies,” Larry Peyton, Lonestar Ecology’s CEO, said. “He’s a wonderful teacher, and as vice president, he mentors the entire sales staff.”

Young said he joined Lonestar Ecology in early April because he was impressed with the knowledge and breadth of the company’s leadership.

Lewis and Young will work with Demita Dozier and Deborah Forward on the sales team.

“Dean and Mike bring amazing talent to the group,” Peyton said. “With their experience and wisdom, I truly believe we have the best sales team in the state.”

About Lonestar Ecology

Lonestar Ecology, LLC is a fully permitted Resource Conservation and Recycle Act (RCRA), Waste Transportation, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) and centralized wastewater treatment facility located in the Bayport Industrial District. Hazardous and non-hazardous wastewater treatment capacity is in excess of 300,000 gallons per day. Warehouse storage capacity is 3,479 55-gallon drums. The pretreated wastewater is discharged via pipeline directly to the Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority facility on Bay Area Boulevard.