was our desire to help people,” said Steve Fennelly, CEO and co-founder of Solid Landings Behavioral Health. “We were all at a point in our lives where we decided we wanted to start a business where we provided a service. We saw the addiction-riddled landscape of our country, and thought a substance-abuse facility was our calling.”

It is on that very premise which Solid Landings operates on a daily business. The company is tireless in its pursuit to help those that come into its care, as well as the communities in which it conducts business.

“My partners and I are very driven to make a difference in the lives of our clients, as well as our communities,” Fennelly said. “We feel we were incredibly blessed to be in a position to grow this company, and we don’t ever want to lose sight of that.”

Shortly after that meeting, Fennelly and his partners, Elizabeth Perry and Mark Shandrow, began what would later become Solid Landings, and in seven years, rise to become one of the largest, and most reputable, privately owned addiction-treatment facilities in the country.

But even amidst its meteoric rise, Solid Landings has stayed true to its original tenants. As such, it remains vigilant in its volunteering and philanthropic efforts in Orange and Los Angeles counties, as well as Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, where it has recently opened additional facilities. In fact, on any given weekend one would be hard-pressed to find Solid Landings not contributing to some non-profit endeavor in one of its home communities.

It’s a concept that is instilled in the company’s employees as soon as they start working.

“Volunteering and giving back to our communities is part of our company’s very fabric,” Fennelly said. “It’s not mandatory to volunteer to work at Solid Landings, but it’s certainly encouraged. We take that very seriously. We truly do want to make the world a better place.”

In 2015, Solid Landings contributed more than $100,000 to volunteer and non-profit efforts and pitched in upward of 5,000 man hours to various causes in Orange and Los Angeles counties. And according to Fennelly, the company has even loftier aspirations for the coming year.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to work for a company that is so driven to help their communities,” said Natali Schmitz, Solid Landings’ community outreach manager. “I really feel like we are making a difference. To see a group of your co-workers coming out to volunteer on their days off…I can’t even begin to describe how cool that is.”

Solid Landings has helped various causes over the last year, such as Long Beach SPCLA Animal Shelter, World Games Special Olympics, Long Beach - Beach Cleanup, YMCA Tree Planting, Breast Cancer Walk and the OC Stand Down, just to name a few.

"Solid Landings was born out of the desire to help those in need,” Schmitz said.  However, we take these same principles and apply them to our Corporate Social Responsibility Charter, where we believe that it is also our duty to support and assist the communities in which we live and work.”

Solid Landings’ outreach endeavors not only empowers communities, organizations and the actual volunteers themselves, it also serves as a building block for clients re-integrating back into society after getting an upper-hand on their respective addictions.

“Not only do we support our local communities in which we work and live by providing them with additional resources, it demonstrates active modeling for our clients so they transition back into their communities with the experience and understanding the value of giving back,” Schmitz said. “I find that those that come out (to volunteer) always feel good by doing good. These activities provide both our staff, our clients and the communities with a sense of unity, accomplishment and social responsibility."