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The ever popular action superstar Jean Claude Van Damme is back again with his latest offering, Enemies Closer. The movie is a thriller action film and is directed by Peter Hyams. It has been quite a time since a Van Damme movie has been in the theaters but the guy never failed to keep himself in the news. Be his excellent charity acts or dare devilry, he is never out of the media eyes even for a second. The last we saw him on screen was the breath-taking commercial he enacted in for the Volvo trucks. The viewers can still see that on YouTube which is titled as ‘The Epic Split’. So expect a similar sort of action in his latest flick. Download Enemies Closer for free

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The movie features a promising cast which has performed brilliantly in their respective departments. Apart from Van Damme, Tom Everret Scott and Orlando Jones have played some crucial parts in the movie which has turned the movie into a must watch. Slated for release on 24th of Jan, the movie is all set to hit the theaters. The movie is filmed in After Dark Films and Signature Pictures studio which has left no stone unturned in bringing out the best action and stunning effects out in the movie. Enemies Closer has already made a buzz among the movie buffs due to the return of Van Damme after a long period. Stream live Enemies Closer movie.

The plot of the movie revolves around an ex-navy Seal and a forest ranger Henry who is forcefully sent on a quest to salvage a package which is crucial to a drug dealer. However situation turns bad when Clay encounters him who has a grudge against Henry. The movie advances in contrast of both the persons to escape the forest and get away from the drug dealer while defeating each other and getting over the rivalry they brew within themselves for the other. However it is speculated that Van Damme is going to play a negative character in the movie. It would be very interesting to see him as a villain.

Van Damme has also previously worked with Peter Hyams and delivered hits like Time Cop and Sudden Death. The promotions for the movie were not that extensive as compared to some other big projects of Hollywood. The movie is planned on a world wide release intending on making some huge bucks out of the box office. Free Download and Watch Enemies Closer Movie Online for Free.

So whether or not you are a fan of Van Damme, Enemies Closer is a highly recommended movie for all those people who crave for some pure heart trickling explosive action Hollywood style. Go ahead and watch it this Friday.