Customer Experience Pressures on Healthcare Industry Examined by Intradiem

ATLANTA – March 19, 2014 – Intradiem, the leading provider of intraday management solutions, issues a review of the 2014 top customer experience challenges of the healthcare services industry. Healthcare contact center leaders that can overcome these challenges will achieve balance in priorities like customer experience and profitability as they drive intraday management improvements within their organizations.

Four challenges healthcare contact leaders will have to respond to in 2014 include:

Balancing compliance mandates and the customer experience. Keeping contact center agents up to date and in compliance with continuous changes to regulations is crucial to maintaining compliance under the new Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, this is challenging as an influx of new customers enter the market. Real-time response to these changes is more important than ever. By dynamically responding to these market conditions and keeping agents up to speed within time constraints, contact centers can improve customer satisfaction while meeting regulatory obligations.

Delivering personalized service in an increasingly consumer-focused market. With the new public marketplaces and private exchanges, decision making is put into the hands of individual consumers. To remain competitive during this perceived commoditization of healthcare offerings, contact center agents need the right knowledge and skills to provide exceptional customer service. Service must become more personalized. Agents must be well-informed and equipped with up-to-date information, and contact centers must be able to dynamically scale operations to meet changing peaks in demand.

Meeting demand for customer support via multiple channels. To attract and keep new customers, insurers must make the enrollment and claims process easy and efficient. New technologies such as mobile, self-service web portals, chat and social media have given customers more options when it comes to how they choose to communicate with companies. These new channels must be supported with the right numbers of skilled resources and the delivery must be consistent across all channels.

Driving customer experience improvements without increasing cost. Heightened competition in both the individual and small business insurance markets will force insurers to become more efficient. As margins become compressed and the risk pool is diluted by the flood of new members – many of them previously uninsured - contact centers will have to do more with less. The challenge lies in successfully creating a consistent customer experience. Automating manual processes can help alleviate these pressures and improve the customer experience.

“The healthcare industry has experienced radical changes within the past decade. Amidst extensive regulatory and market changes, contact centers will play a critical role in defining competitive advantage among providers,” said Matt McConnell, Intradiem CEO. “Leveraging intraday management to balance profitability and customer experience will be essential for contact center leaders within the healthcare industry.”

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