Special Mission Market is Expected to Reach 44 Billion Dollars in the Next 10 Years

Special mission aircraft is used to support and enhance the effectiveness of aircraft, naval, and ground forces engaged in combat operations against the enemy. Applications of special mission aircraft are aerial tankers, airborne early warning, electronics/signals intelligence, anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare, and search and rescue. Increase in terrorist threats and global military missions are factors which drive this market. The restraints and challenges of the special mission aircraft market are high maintenance cost and integration of latest technology.

Countries have increased their military missions, which has increased the need for more air transport and special mission aircraft. This need provides the military transport aircraft market with significant growth expectation. The special mission market is expected to reach 44 billion dollars in the next 10 years.

The market for special mission aircraft is influenced by the specific electronic system on board for mission execution. This is why this segment is led by companies specialized in system integration, such as Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin. Due to the high price of these aircraft, the customer group is limited to only a few countries. The United States is the main customer, followed by European countries.

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Trainer Aircraft Market:
Trainer aircraft are designed to ease in-flight training of pilots and crew members. These aircraft are used to prepare flight crews for combat operations. They typically are turboprops that can replicate the characteristics of jet aircraft and are instrumented for specialized military missions.

The trainer aircraft market is expected to decline in the coming future. The number will eventually drop to 105 units in 2017, which will be worth an estimated $17.1 billion. This decrease will be spurred by the flagging U.S. military demand, and a reduction in the worldwide manufacturing of warplanes. Demand from the U.S. military is falling, mainly because the Air Force and Navy will conclude their acquisition of the Joint Primary Air Training System, as the two services have already purchased enough to meet their need for the next several years. JPATS is the military’s standard turboprop trainer for undergraduate pilots. That program alone accounts for 60 percent of market demand in the next decade.

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