Digi-DNA Inc officially launches Digi-Wear smart tech shirt

Los Angeles, CA, 05/19/2014 — Digi-DNA Inc. has officially launched of its Digi-wear tech shirt, a first of it’s

kind smart athletic training shirt. With initial focus in the professional, college and competitive sports industries the Digi-Wear tech shirt provides unmatched physiological monitoring and industry leading athletic design.


The Digi-Wear Tech Shirt: Designed and developed in partnership with MVP Textiles of Charleston, SC and former professional football player Patrick Sapp the Digi-Wear tech shirt monitors, captures and reports heart rate, calorie burn, protein burn, pedometer data and hydration status in real time. The Digi-wear tech shirt is constructed using the most advanced moisture wicking compression fabrics available. And the unique properties of the fabric helps isolate and focus muscle effort for enhanced explosive performance.

Integrated performance monitoring is just part of the story. The groundbreaking panel design keeps the body more cool and dry than any other comparable tech shirt available while providing the durability and comfort professional athletes require.  And the Digi-Wear tech shirt wouldn’t be complete without odor control fibers and being wireless capable. The global wearable technology market was over S 2.5 billion for 2014.

The American Sports industry over all worth is currently estimated at $422 billion. Per Forbes the global sports apparel industry is estimated was $135 billion in sales for 2012. And it’s enjoying a 4% annual growth rate. The wearables technology industry is estimated to grow to 12.8 billion by 2018. Apparel sales were lead by Nike, who’s apparel sales grew at a CAGR of 12.3%  during fiscal 2010-2012. The overall industry is splintered. With niche markets estimated to grow substantially over the next few years with the growth of tech wearables.

Quote: Patrick Sapp (former professional football player / Digi-DNA Board Member) when discussing his approach to the project said "We wanted to create a game changer when it came to physiological monitoring and serious fitness training. Athletes are always pushing for heightened physical conditioning and competitive advantage. The Digi-wear tech shirt is the perfect combination of athletic performance enhancing technology and physiological monitoring available in a wearable today."

Quote: MVP Textiles President Ken Marcoon said: “The Digi-Wear tech shirt is a remarkable product. With over 20 yrs in the industry I’ve never seen an apparel product so thoughtfully developed. And  the health and conditioning benefits of the integrated technology still amazes me. MVP Textiles is proud to be the exclusive textile manufacturer for Digi-DNA and we’re excited to be a part of this project. The Digi-Wear tech shirt is the product of hard work and American ingenuity.”

Quote: Ron Bush, a Principle at Digi-DNA said: “We’re extremely happy and  proud of the partnership we have with Patrick Sapp and MVP Textiles. And we’re equally excited to be the first to market with an integrated smart wearbale that can provide so much valuable information to not only professional athletes but to anyone who desires to elevate and maintain their physical conditioning beyond what they thought was possible. Besides being a great product we see the Digi-Wear teach shirt as the start of a new level of health and fitness consciousness.“

About Us: Established five years ago Digi-DNA got it’s start as a development subcontractor working on DOD projects. Today they provide advanced marketing and technology services for businesses and organizations that are ready to utilize technology typically available only to Fortune 500’s, the Government and Military.

The Digi-Wear tech shirt is the first of several consumer focused products that will launch from now through 2016. It was developed to help athletes reach higher levels of performance and any individual with similar interests to beat their goals. Even more important is that  the Digi-Wear tech shirt provides millions of people with specific rehabilitation requirements a new invaluable tool to help them down the road to recovery. Digi-DNA is proud to play a small part in helping people reach their goals, understand their bodies better and to lead healthier lives.