Sheridan Company Develops Revolutionary Health Care App

The current state of Health Care is one that has not quite caught-up to the digital consumer age. Wound care documentation is often times manual, slow, time consuming and may vary from provider to provider. In trying to capitalize on the technology available to the general public, it's found that most photographs of wounds aren't easy to take, objectively reproduce, include in the chart or share with colleagues - which means that progression of the wound can be difficult to track & document.

In Sheridan, WY, we realize that a picture is worth a thousand words. Save time and improve your documentation using the camera on your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini to photograph, measure and assess your patient’s wounds with the WoundMAP ® Essential program. Review wound images in time lapse and track wound healing with graphs of the wound dimensions and essential findings as they change during the course of treatment.

WoundMap can be used to consistently and objectively document any wound, anywhere, by anyone. It comes preloaded with our award winning PUMP (Pressure Ulcer Management Program). In the coming year we’ll be adding specific modules for:

  • Diabetic Wounds
  • Wound Associated with Arterial and Venous Diseases
  • Burns
  • Trauma

The app uses our unique measuring system to document the wound dimensions (length, width, depth) and record them. WoundMap ® will also assist the user in documenting the tissue present in the wound, the exudate, the tissue surrounding the wound, the wound margins, the temperature of the wound, the pain level associated with the wound, any undermining or tunneling associated with the wound, and to document an assessment of wound healing. WoundMap ® records the treatment to date and allows users to record a wound management plan for future reference or for entry into the chart. Wound progression can be seen in two ways – wound photos can be compared over time and played back in a time lapse series and the wound dimensions are graphed automatically by the system to show trends towards wound improvement or worsening over time.

After you use WoundMAP ® Essential, your wound care documentation will be –

  • Fast - The WoundMAP ® Essential software creates a PDF wound report with your photos, measurements, and assessment as you go. When you are done evaluating the patient the report is already done for you and ready to print or e-mail.
  • Convenient - It’s a wound-care-anywhere solution that fits in your pocket. Great for use in the clinic, the hospital, the long term care facility, home health, or hospice.
  • Thorough and Complete - WoundMAP ® Essential was developed by leading wound care experts to deliver an evidence-based, best-practice, reliable system to assess and document skin and soft tissue wounds. You now have a real-time “expert” to guide your evaluations.
  • Safe and Secure - The WoundMAP ® Essential program is password protected and meets HIPAA requirements for security.

Find out more online at, or download direct from the Apple App Store here.