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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, September 8, 2014 – To help shoppers looking for something unique and meaningful to give this upcoming holiday season, hk+np studio has put together a list of some of its favourite and most popular silver pieces. Designed by local Vancouver architects, hk+np is perfect for those who appreciate quality, beauty and fine design.

Infinity Series Pendant - The infinity series is hk+np studio’s way of expressing in silver, the boundlessness of the imagination. It began as the designers gazed from their living room window, over English Bay, past the horizon, and reaching toward Japan. The limitlessness of imagining horizons beyond their gaze is what drew Neil Prakash and Hiroko Kobayashi to the idea of infinity. With the Infinity Pendant, hk+np tried to trace this idea in a silver strip that moves about itself in continuous loops. $230

Q Series Earrings – As the cherry blossom emerges from its winter slumber, the tender bud before the bloom is delicate and full of life. Its simple shape holds the anticipation of those waiting to see its beauty. With the Q Series, hk+np pays tribute to this temporary and fleeting moment. Crafted in silver, eight slender ribs join to give the impression of a sphere. $260

Twist Series Bangle - The Twist Series Bangle was the very first piece released by hk+np studio. The idea is similar to a Möbius strip, which has no beginning or end. This simple and elegant design emphasizes movement as light reflects off of its twisting surface, much like the reflection off of a water ripple. The surface, both fluid and uniform, creates an ever-changing landscape. To capture the ripple is impossible, as it only exists as a moment in time. $350

All of hk+np’s jewelry is handcrafted in sterling silver (nickel-free) with the highest quality of materials and with exceptional care. The pieces are all made from .925 sterling silver and are offered in three different finishes including mirror, a highly polished reflective surface; matte, a micro bead blast matte finish; and scratch, a texturing technique consisting of a series of tiny parallel lines.

hk+np jewelry can be purchased online or in select locations across Canada, in the US, and Japan. For more information visit:

About hk+np studio:

hk+np studio is the coming together of two entrepreneurial architects who are applying their design skills to the creation of understated and timeless jewelry pieces. Inspired by their architectural experiences on the West Coast and with an unfailing eye for quality and detail, they produce jewelry that’s exquisitely designed and made. hk+np jewelry can be purchased in select locations across Canada, in the US, Spain, and Japan. For more information visit:



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