Auxiliary Magazine Launches Crowd Funding Campaign To Kick Off Subscriptions

Five Years and Running Subculture Fashion, Music, and Lifestyle Focused Auxiliary Magazine Kicks Off Print and Digital Subscriptions through Fan and Reader Support

Buffalo, NY and Toronto, ON,July 3,2014– Auxiliary Magazine launches Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to kick off print and digital subscriptions and reclaim subculture from the mainstream, calling to action and for the support of their fans and readers; the countless artists, designers, musicians, and creatives they have worked with and featured over the years; and supporters of the unique and alternative everywhere.

Five years and running subculture fashion, music, and lifestyle focused Auxiliary Magazine is launching a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to kick off their first three print runs in order to offer print and digital subscriptions. For over five years Auxiliary has released thirty two issues as free digital and online editions in addition to a print-on-demand edition. Auxiliary has out-grown this model and are looking to offer affordable print and digital editions in order provide even better and more ambitious content and to better support the creatives they work with and feature.

Subculture, dark culture, and alternative culture are more popular than ever. The influence and inspiration of darker subcultures can be seen in street and high fashion, mainstream and popular music, television and film, and society as a whole. But despite all this appropriation, actual subculture and underground scenes are suffering and struggling to survive. Auxiliary has embraced both unique underground fashion, music, and media as well as the mainstream manifestations inspired by it, believing that both together allow for the most creativity and the most possibilities. There has long been a great dialog between subculture and the mainstream, one influencing the other and back and forth. But if one is suffering this dialog falls apart and things begin to feel unauthentic. It is time to reclaim.

Auxiliary has always had the lofty and maybe over-ambitious goal of being the ultimate alternative and subculture magazine to truly support the darker genres and scenes. Auxiliary is putting out a call to action to reclaim goth, punk, industrial, steampunk, cybergoth, and grave wave for yourself. Make it what you want it to be and don’t be afraid of the terms, own them.

Auxiliary has chosen crowd funding to get to the next level because their fans and readers are their number one priority and they have always supported them. Auxiliary has had over 56,000 readers per issue with a 2013 average issue readership of 29,000 readers per issue in over 165 countries. Kickstarter is the best known crowd funding website having allowed many artists to launch their creative project solely with the financial support of their fans. This model allows independent artists to thrive in a world with fewer and fewer music labels, art galleries, publishers, and large institutions with the ability to financially support artists. Supporters can pledge anywhere from $1 up and for their contribution can receive a print and/or digital subscription, a T-shirt from Auxiliary’s Reclaim campaign, have their unique subculture story told, and/or advertise their music, art, or brand with Auxiliary’s readers. Until now Auxiliary has relied solely on the monetary support of their advertisers but have never allowed them to influence their content. Auxiliary never allows outside forces to dictate content believing in creating unique and honest content for their readers, so it is only natural for them to shift their main monetary support from advertisers to readers.

The funds Auxiliary raises through their Kickstarter campaign will go directly to printing and producing their next three issues and distributing them to subscribers. Auxiliary has a Buffalo, NY based printer lined up to print their first run and has already produced most of the content for their next issue. The only obstacle is funding. They have demonstrated thirty two times they can produce an excellent issue. Over the years they have featured many new and iconic artists, musicians, influencers, and celebrities. Every issue contains exclusive interviews, fashion and beauty editorials, lifestyle articles, and music and media reviews. This Kickstarter campaign is their first step to bigger things, with the switch to print runs and subscriptions they hope to be able to also pursue other ideas including special edition issues, one off publications, limited edition products, and unique events.

Auxiliary Magazine is a Buffalo, NY and Toronto, ON based publication with contributors in New York City, Los Angeles, and throughout the world focusing on darker subcultures with a North American perspective. Auxiliary Magazine is Editor in Chief Jennifer Link a fashion and portrait photographer and lover of alternative culture turned publisher, Fashion Editor Tasha Farrington a fashion stylist and stylish punk rock lady, Music Editor Mike Kieffer event producer and DJ who will always choose KMFDM over Depeche Mode, Copy Editor Dylan Madeley writer and crafter of the English language, Beauty Contributor Vanity Kills model and lady of many talents, Music Contributor Aaron Andrews DJ and serious Depeche Mode fan, Music Contributor Hangedman DJ and olde timey bicyclist, and a great team of photographers, writers, and creatives.

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