Watch Annular Solar Eclipse April 29, 2014 Live - 2014 Annular Solar Eclipse Australia aka Ring of Fire

Watch Annular Solar Eclipse April 29, 2014 Live which will happen and will visible over parts of Australia and Antartica as Tuesday's solar eclipse is also known as an annular or ring of fire that’s because Tuesday's eclipse will occur when the moon is close to its farthest distance from the Earth, making it too small to cover the sun completely whereby the resulting effect looks like a ring of fire, called an annulus or sometimes like a fat banana which appears around the silhouette of the moon in which the phenomenon known as a non-central annular solar eclipse occurs every 73 years almost like Halley's comet which appears every 75 years. The eclipse will occur two weeks after a "blood moon" was visible, when the moon passed through the middle of a shadow cast by Earth were many people believe the start of something big as tetrad eclipse rarely happens.