Top Cad – Cam Restorations

CAD/CAM is the acronym for computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing.CAD/CAM technology has multitude of utilities even in the dentistry sector. Here we would be covering CAD-CAM Restorations, its benefits and the procedure.

It is used to help dentists and dental lab technicians custom design and fabricate precise shapes and sizes for dental restorations including tooth colored restorations, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges. Many updated dental clinics can use this technology to provide their patients with aesthetic, durable, well-fitted single and multiple tooth restoration in a more efficient manner than available in most dental practices that too in a single visit.

Cadcam Restorations

CAD/CAM restorations has now become the best choice for a healthy, beautiful and natural-

looking smile.

Benefits of CAD/CAM restorations


Only a minimal amount of tooth preparation is required, leaving the healthy tooth

structure intact.

Only one appointment is needed, even if work has to be done on multiple teeth.

Tooth colored restorations are of advantages.


(1) The area with affected teeth is made to make the patient comfortable. Based on the situation, a rubber dam might be used to protect the mouth while on work.

(2) Any decay and shape of the tooth is removed with the hand-piece. Next a reflective powder is applied to the prepared tooth which allows the equipment to “see” the contours of the prepared tooth. Then a digital image is taken, using a special optical infrared camera that records the tooth’s exact dimensions on the CAD/CAM computer. With help of this image and the specialized computer software, the restoration is designed.

(3) Then the dentists select the appropriate material in the matching shade for the specific tooth. The material is placed in the milling machine which shapes it into a customised restoration.

(4) The final step is restoration. The dentists add any customized coloring required, bind or cement the restoration in place, and polish it giving a beautiful luster. Lastly they check patient’s bite and make any final adjustments needed.

This technology also enables several dentistries to create crowns made entirely of porcelain that is strong enough to withstand biting forces. Conventionally crowns were built upon a metal core. But all-porcelain crowns maintain a translucency that makes them hard like a natural teeth. Without metal, the problem of the dark blue/gray line at the edge of the gums is eliminated which allows the dentist to place the edge of the crown above the gum line, which is healthier for tooth and gums

This technology is available to any dentist through an electronic network, where the digital impressions are sent via the Internet to a laboratory. Some might get this equipment installed in an on-site lab eliminating the need to send medical information anywhere and milling the restoration in ones own laboratory without any loss of time.

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