Legal Representation For Commercial Driving Citations from Mr. Ticket

[Encino, May 13, 2014] – Mr. Ticket, a trusted law firm that focuses on traffic laws in California, provides legal representation services in fighting traffic citation cases. They offer legal assistance and consultation in commercial driving citations, which range from speeding tickets to overweight truck violations.

By resolving cases with favorable outcomes, the firm guides clients through the specific details of traffic laws in California. They assist clients to understand better the legal processes for commercial driver services.

Services and Consultation

According to Mr. Ticket, every traffic ticket can affect a person’s driving record negatively. This is why they recommend a consultation of the traffic tickets with a traffic ticket attorney. They assist clients in avoiding driver’s license suspension due to a number of traffic tickets.

The company provides information and assurance that clients need when faced with traffic violations. They offer legal services on driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense citations and even reckless driving cases. With a commitment to honest and professional services, they note that they resolve problems with less expenses and deliver results.

Legal Representation

According to Mr. Ticket, a legal representation helps clients to have fair representation throughout the litigation procedures and avoid traffic ticket consequences. They note that a well-experienced traffic lawyer can maximize working relationships with court judges and clerks for reduced charges, along with dismissal of charges without implication on the records of clients.

With in-depth knowledge of California commercial driving laws, the law firm gives customers sound advice and information that assist them in dismissing traffic citations. They work with highly qualified lawyers who determine the suitable method for each traffic ticket case. In addition, they aim to protect clients’ rights and their best interests as a commercial driver.


Mr. Ticket has been known for being a reputable authority in California traffic laws for many years. The company is under the law office of Amir Soleimainian and Associates that give clients fast and efficient legal services. They assist clients in fighting traffic tickets, misdemeanors and suspension of a driver’s license. With an experienced pool of lawyers, they have received many awards for delivering honest and professional services to their clientele.

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