Wolf-Gordon Presents Grethe Sørensen’s Millions of Colors At ICFF 2014Upholstery Textile Combines Traditional Craft and Digital Weaving

New York, NY- Wolf-Gordon presents Millions of Colors, a high-quality wool upholstery fabric created by renowned Danish textile designer Grethe Sørensen in collaboration with Wolf-Gordon’s Design Studio. Part of Wolf-Gordon’s new Woven Upholstery 01 book, the fabric will be on display at the company’s booth #1332, at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), May 17-20, 2014. To encourage show visitors to experience visual and textural qualities of the new upholstery products, Wolf-Gordon is transforming the booth into a lounge area with a generous, long sofa upholstered in 9 different textiles.

With Millions of Colors Sørensen integrates her extensive knowledge of weaving with innovative digital technologies to explore complex combinations of light, material, and pattern. The collection, which also comprises three type II wallcoverings, is Sørensen’s introduction to the U.S. market.

Continuing Wolf-Gordon’s tradition of working with global design talent, Wolf-Gordon’s Chief Creative Officer, Marybeth Shaw, approached Sørensen to create a collection based on the designer’s “random weave” technique. This unique method translates photographic pixels into threads, allowing for a whole new range of possibilities in terms of image and expression in a woven textile. While Sorensen was developing Millions of Colors, Wolf-Gordon encouraged her to also sketch up some wallcovering ideas. The collection as a whole is based on unfocused motifs of light – a theme inspired by photographs and videos of urban landscapes, and often explored in Sørensen’s work.

Upholstery Fabric “Millions of Colors”

Millions of Colors, Wolf-Gordon’s first wool upholstery product, is a luxurious and refined translation of photographic pixels into thread. The name, Millions of Colors, references endless color variations created by mixing threads of a limited color palette: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white. This construction is unsystematic, based on a random pixel pattern that produces an amazing 223.5 inch-long repeat and infinite nuances of color, which gradually shift in all directions. When a series of chairs or other seating elements are upholstered in Millions of Colors, each piece of furniture is individual: yet, they are all tied together visually by their color theme. The fabric is available in three colorways: Fire, Earth and Milky Way.


Soft Spots, Blinds, Codes: The three Type II wallcovering patterns in the collection draw from the same source of inspiration as the woven fabric.

  • Soft Spots, a digital print, features diffused spots that capture a sense of rhythm through color transitions producing a dreamy quality.
    Blinds and Codes, the two rotogravure prints, also use color gradation to continue the theme of transition:
  • Blinds by using vertical lines, each of which are slightly different from one another creating the feeling of dimension and movement; and,
  • Codes by using a random pixel pattern as its point of departure. The pattern is then broken down by vertical “stripes” of various sizes. Understated and sophisticated, this neutral pattern is a kind of anonymous, “digital noise” on the wall.

    About Grethe Sørensen

    Grethe Sørensen is an award-winning Danish textile artist working in digital jacquard and print. Sørensen studied textile design at the College of Art and Design, Denmark, and the traditional Gobelin weaving technique in Switzerland and France. She is credited with revolutionizing the art of tapestry by inventing a method that translates photographic pixels into thread. Sørensen exhibits regularly and her works are held in the permanent collections of several museums worldwide. In 2013, Wolf-Gordon helped the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum acquire one of her original works: Rush Hour 2/Shanghai.

    More about Grethe Sørensen’s design process:

    About Wolf-Gordon

    Wolf-Gordon is an American design company founded in 1967 to offer designers a comprehensive source for all types of wallcoverings, united by the common qualities of excellent design and dependable performance. The product line includes wallcoverings, upholstery and drapery textiles, paints, and Wink, clear, dry-erase coating. Wolf-Gordon sales representatives are based in all major markets in the United States

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