7 Mistakes Brides Make When Buying Wedding Dresses Online

If there is anything that excites a bride the most about her wedding, it’s her wedding dress. Brides begin visualizing and planning about their wedding dress soon after their engagement. Amidst all the excitement brides often end up choosing the wrong kind of gowns and regret about it later. Here are some of the mistakes that brides have been observed to be making when choosing their wedding gowns:

Too many opinion providers: having someone to provide an opinion on how the gown looks on you is necessary. However if you have a heard to people to provide you inputs, it will only lead to chaos and more confusion. Save the bunch of friends for the wedding day when they will awe your dress. As for the opinion, have people who can provide you with a genuine and trustworthy take like your mother or sister or a close friend.

Early shopping: Don’t begin shopping before 12 months prior your wedding date. There is no point visiting outlets to see collections unless you really want to buy. Chances are higher that you will end up loving a particular dress and eventually be disappointed when you will not be able to purchase it. Since dresses take about 5-8 months to be delivered, one could start shopping as early as 12 months prior the wedding day.

Trying out too many: To-be-brides should not be trying more than 10 dresses to make a choice; though most get their perfect piece between 4-7 trials. It may be fun to try and check out multiple dresses but brides end up being confused and forgetting what they actually wanted. When you buy wedding dresses online, ensure you pick up the best four or five which should include variations like bridal gown with sleeves, off shoulder gowns, flowing gowns, sleek fit gowns, etc. and then make a choice amongst them for a trial.

Discounts dilemma: Discounts can be compelling, but they always have a catch. Heavily discounted dresses are usually sample pieces that have been tried out numerous times by many others. Hence they can be torn, damages or stained. However this doesn’t imply all discounted gowns have the same story. You can definitively get a gorgeous dress at a discounted price but ensure you check for the fixes that need to be done. If they are not simple, don’t buy the dress.

Buying the wrong size: There are two things to note when choosing the size. Number one; don’t go by the street wear size, instead look at the designer’s size chart to determine your size. Number two; if you’re planning to lose weight, buy the size that currently fits you, to be on the safe side. While dress can be taken in up to four sizes they can be taken out by only one.

Style perceptions: It’s good to get pictures of the kind of dresses you are looking for when visiting an outlet but don’t limit yourself to them only. Try other options as well. Its often observed that bride come in with an idea and walk out with something completely different (happily of course)! So keep yourself open to options.

Make practical choices: If there is a budget you are looking at its best you stick to it while choosing dresses to avoid future disappointments. If there is a budget set aside for attire then that includes your dress, alterations, shoes, jewelery, etc. Therefore you can’t be buying a dress whose cost equals your attire budget. Use your discretion and be practical if you don’t want to create a blunder with your wedding budget.

Planning for a bridal wedding dress is not only important for making the you look beautiful on your wedding day but also because there is a considerable amount of money that goes into the attire. Having said that it’s an investment that you are making with certain results on mind, take this list into consideration to avoid causing a blunder with your wedding gown.

What were the mistakes you made while choosing your wedding gown? What suggestions would you make to avoid messing up when choosing the perfect wedding dress? Share your thoughts and experiences with us; we’d love to hear!