Daintree Organics Offers Organic Fruits and Veggies

Daintree Organics performs strictly under the guidance Australian organic standards. Before anything from their suppliers farms gains the label “organic”, the company proves that all of its produce grows without conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilisers.

[Brisbane, June 30, 2014] - Daintree Organics, a proud distributor of natural, vegan and organic food and vitamins, always ensures they meet strict Australian organic standards. Before their products gain the label “organic”, the company proves that they avoid using conventional pesticides, sewage sludge, bioengineering, ionising radiation and synthetic fertilisers.

All-Natural Food

All Daintree Organics fruit and vegetable products go under the scrutiny of a government-approved certifier to ensure that everything grows under environmentally sustainable practices. The company wants its farmers to provide products without GMOs, and concentrate on land and soil health, as well as a balanced eco-system.

Daintree Organics believes that organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and sprouts, as well as organic agriculture deliver a diverse range of benefits, which is gaining recognition in various fields of science. The company provides a holistic approach to health; if the soil is healthy, so are the produce and the people who consume it.

All-Natural in Every Way

Daintree Organics’ dedication to an all-natural way of life extends far beyond food. The company’s retail line includes organically grown meat and poultry, environmentally friendly cleaning products, as well as non-chemical body care products.

Another big advantage over its competition is the packaging system the company utilises for all of its products. According to the retailer, safely storing non-chemically grown or produced products is challenging because of travel and handling. But with Daintree Organics’ short handling system, the products have only three stops: the farmer, Daintree Organics and then the customer.

Daintree Organics packs the produce in boxes at the United Organics Warehouse in state of the art cool rooms. The customer's orders are picked, packed and ready for delivery the next day. This system minimises travel and handling, ensuring the freshness of the products and the speed in which they are delivered to the customers.

About Daintree Organics

Daintree Organics is a founding partner in Queensland’s largest nature grocers. The company provides organic and chemical-free products and has done so for the last 20 years. They understand and implement a clear system of customer service, and stand behind a 100% money back policy.

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