The engineer from FUTONG METAL will guide you how to better save materials in the producing process of metal stamping parts

China - Nowadays, there are more than 70 % of the metal parts of today¡¯s car are produced by metal precision stamping cases, which is to say that the metal stamping has greatly influence with modern industry and society. For the metal precision stamping manufacturers such as FUTONG Metal ( ), the material utilization rate will directly affect the level of their economic efficiency. However, with more than 20 years¡¯ experience, FUTONG has already got many useful experiences in this area. Today, the engineer from FUTONG will tell people how they improve the utilization rate of their material for precision stamping.

Engineer from FUTONG completed a set of method to reduce the unnecessary waste for produce the metal stamping plates. They will firstly use the professional drawing software such as AutoForm and UG to compare the finished parts and unfinished parts and then carry out the molding process analysis, which could help to confirm how to reduce the workmanship and materials wasting. Furthermore, by the supporting of professional designation software and experienced engineering, they could find the best way to producing the stamping metal parts with the minimum waste of materials.

FUTONG metal also pays more attention to reduce the material waste in the blanking and cutting process. The material wasting generates from punching and cutting process is usually the construction waste and processing waste. From the experience of FUTONG metal which website is, the effective measures to reduce process waste is the rational design of nesting programs, the most suitable choosing for the appropriate sheet structure and reasonable sheet cutting methods. Furthermore, the wasted materials could also be used for making the small parts.

In addition to the method in the working process, the reusing for the excessive and wasted materials metal fabrication should be another excellent way for metal precision stamping manufacturers to save their material and enhance their economic efficiency. FUTONG could be taken as the good example for this reusing. Their workers usually use the excess and high quality wasted materials to the produces other suitable metal stamping parts. Their engineer the reusing for wasted materials could be also divided into direct reusing and the reusing after some special working process.

As the positive concept for material saving and good designing and manufacturing team, the FUTONG¡¯s economic efficiency has been largely increased during the recent years. Their high quality metal stamping and sheeting products have been widely sold to more than 39 countries around the world.


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