Track All Your Pets With The Affordable, Hi-Tech QR Code Pet Tags Of Petq.Me


QLD, Australia (April 7, 2014) - introduces the range of QR code tags to provide extra protection to your favorite pets. The effective QR code pet tag is well equipped to store your multiple contact details along with the important information about the pets. This amazing QR code tag is specially designed to assist you in case of emergency.

The QR id tag created by, is compatible with any smart phone. This QR pet tag works amazingly in critical situations, especially when, the pet is missing. The finder of the pet can easily access to the required information through the QR code dog tag to reach up to you. In fact in this tag is going to be a great help for you to reunite with your lost pet.

The PetQ ID tag is a must have to complete the profile of a pet. This incredible QR tag of this company is specially designed by the best professionals of the market. The feature loaded tag can also be scanned online. Besides that, this company has been extremely careful about maintaining the affordability factor to the tag. In fact, this tag costs you the same, like a normal tag!

This is an easily manageable tag, which can be conveniently used.  The aluminum tag base offers longer durability, compared to other tags. The best part of this QR code tag is, it provides GPS notification, at the time of viewing the profile. This helps you to know the exact location of the lovely pet. Added to that, the company has programmed the QR tag in an intelligent way, so that it maintains your complete privacy and you have the hold on the data. Moreover, the user friendly QR tag can be used for multiple pets from the single account. This super hi-tech and affordable tag can be accessed from any location on 24/7 basis.

The highly effective QR tag has helped many pet owners in relocating their pets and managing them. Rose Jones is a regular user of this tag for both her pets. She says, “I have got 2 pets, back in my home. The multiple user QR tag helps me to manage both of them in a perfect way. I let them play freely in that parks and gardens without being skeptical, just because, I know, that I can track them in case of emergency, through this hi-tech tag.”

About introduces hi-tech QR code tags for pets. Their tags can be used for multiple pets.
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