Avail your expedited Brazil travel visa with ETS

Are you planning a trip to the country of Brazil? Do you have an idea of what all documents you require and how to proceed if you want them on an urgent basis?

Express Travel Services provide you with a document checklist for obtaining a transit document in an easy and hassle-free manner.

The first thing one should possess to obtain a travel certificate to enter Brazil is a valid passport. This means that the passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date of application, and must contain at least one blank page for the obtaining the Brazil visa.

The other requisites to satisfy depend upon your purpose of visit to the country. Therefore, let us now find out the further requirements for travelling to this country depending on whether yours is a tourist or a business trip.

What do you need to avail a Brazil Tourist Visa?

  • As mentioned above, you require a valid passport in original.
  • Application Form: A form completed online, printed and signed. Manually filled forms are not accepted.
  • Photograph: A recent passport sized photograph, with a plain white background, is also needed. Computerized pictures are not acceptable.
  • A copy of the booked itinerary or round-trip flight ticket, with your full name
  • A copy of your residence proof (e.g. driving license, etc)
  • If availing your travel document with Express Travel Services, you also require an ETS order form
  • In case of minors, a birth certificate is also required (original as well as a copy)
  • A notarized consent letter, signed by the parents

    The above stated requirements also hold true in case of a Brazil Business Visa, however, there are a few additional requirements that are also explicitly needed here. These include the following:
    •    A letter stating the employee’s name and designation, a source of contact in Brazil, role/job description of the candidate in the country, etc. on the company’s letterhead. The letter should also state the duration for which the candidate has been working for the company. The company must also provide assurance via the letter that it takes full responsibility of the applicant, both in terms of finance and security.
    •    In case of self-employed visa aspirants, an additional letter is required containing their financial references from their banks.

    With the above mentioned requirements, if fulfilled by the candidate, becomes eligible for a Brazil Tourist Visa or a Brazil Business Visa service, whichever is essential for him. Availing the same, he becomes eligible to enter the Brazilian land to serve his purpose of visit.