CALCMENU Compatibility with Internet Explorer 10/Microsoft Windows 8

EGS products CALCMENU Web and CALCMENU/F&B Control recipe management software are now fully compatible with Internet Explorer 10 and Microsoft Windows 8.

The latest installer of CALCMENU/F&B Control v.15.0 comes with SQL 2012 complementaryto the said operating system.

“With the growing trend of modern technology, we have innovated our products to ensure that users can still access our solutions through different software applications. Turning 25 years now, EGS continues to deliver the best solutions and serve you in improving your existing processes.”

- Marc Enggist, Managing Director/CEO

What’s new on v.15.0?

New features, simpler interface, and improvements in CALCMENU and F&B Control will deliver additional functionality and enhanced solutions to you. Read more of the added features and enhancements in v.15.0 on our website.

On the other hand, SQL 2005 can still be used with CALCMENU/F&B Control for Microsoft Windows 7 and below.

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EGS Enggist and Grandjean Software SA, integrates technology with culinary expertise to develop and provide a wide range of powerful Recipe Management Software products such as the world renowned recipe management software, CALCMENU. We are determined to meet the customized needs with regard to the standardization of foodservice, food production, recipe website marketing, and brand management of the foodservice industries.

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