Which factors people should pay enough attention to prevent the rusty situation of the roller bearings?

Hong Kong - In many kinds of situation, the ABT Taper Roller Bearing will easily appear the corrosion phenomena. The reason for causing the rusty phenomenon could be divided into many factors. In order to help factory workers better prevent the corrosion phenomenon, the engineer from AOBOTE bearing limited will introduce with people some typically factors in commonly situation, which could easily cause into the rusty.

The first factor which could easily lead to the bearing rusty should be the poor sealing process. The poor sealing could cause into the easily entering of the moisture, dirt and other rusty substance. So, people should pay more attention to the rub sealer on the entrance to the inside of the ABT Bearing .

Second, the lone period of non-using of the roller bearing and the lace of regular maintenance could also lead to the rust condition of the bearing.

Thirdly, the roughness level of the metal surface of the roller bearing could also determine whether the roller bearing would be quick rusty or not. However, if the surface of the roller bearing is smoothly enough, it could better prevent the rusty progress.

Furthermore, there are several outside situations which could also the directly factors for the rusty and corrosion of the ABT taper roller bearings. These outside situations include the directly contact with the corrosive chemical media, unclean washing for bearing and the surface of the bearing stick some dirties, directly contact with bearing surface by the sweat hand, non-timely packaging and installation after bearing cleaning and long-term exposure to air and water. In this case, the factory workers and engineers need to pay more attention to prevent the occurring of these situations.

On the other hand, the changing of the ambient temperature and humidity and the exposure to various environmental media such as water, air and other metal could also easily cause into the corrosion situation. People should also not that the failure of the rust inhibitor or the low quality anti-rusty oil products could also the crucial reason for the rusty situation of the ABT Ball Bearing .

From the above description, people could get a comprehensive conclusion about that the corrosion situation of the bearing products is the result of many directly and indirectly reasons and factors. In order to properly prevent the corrosion and rusty progress of the bearing products, factory worker and engineer need to pay enough attention to these factors and reasons. For more information about the high quality ABT TAPER roller bearing, please visit website

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